To make accessible the science of Conscientiology to those around the world interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the consciousness and its evolutionary process through self-knowledge and interassistantiality in a multi-existential context.

Our Vision

To be a resource and promote individual and group evolution through leading-edge relative truths that challenge one's current way of thinking.


  • Universalism. Availability of leading edge truths, beyond any physical realities (multi-dimensionality) or national and ideological boundaries (maxi-fraternity).
  • Interassistantiality. Dedication to providing clarification tasks, which promote self-reeducation.
  • The Principle of Disbelief. Commitment to the questioning of all input of information, valuing your own personal experiences and taking ownership of your existence (self-leadership) - Don’t believe in anything, not even in what you read or watch here. Experiment. Have your own experiences.
  • Liberty of Expression. Openness to accepting ideas from each individual and exposing our ideas to allow for discussion and debate.
  • Omnicooperation. Consciousnesses from all backgrounds coming together under the principle of consciential links for the well-being of us all.
  • Cosmoethics. Practice of ethics beyond social norms and human morals; reflection on universal laws and multidimensional moral codes.
  • Interdisciplinarity. Promotion of diversity and individuality of all.
  • Consciential Open-Mindedness. Maintenance of an open mind regarding the continuous evolution of the consciousness, respecting diversity and individuality of all.
  • Transparency. Provision of information with authenticity and honesty, without diffusion or distortion, and without the imposition of ideas or intention of manipulating anyone.
  • Interconsciential Recycling. Continuous updating of ideas and postures; creating new synapses conducive to improving ourselves.