The English-Portuguese Glossary of the Essential Terms of Conscientiology


Abdominal sub-brain

Subcérebro abdominal

The umbilicochakra (centre of consciential energy located above the navel), when unconsciously selected by the conscin, still at a mediocre stage of evolution, as the basis of their manifestations. The belly-brain, abdominal brain, abdominal pseudo-brain, or abdominal sub-brain, is a parody of the natural, encephalic brain (coronochakra and frontochakra); an indefensible embarrassment or mega-weak point in conscious self-evolution. Variants: abdominal brain, belly brain.



Missing trait in the personality of the conscin.The absence of a particular basic strongtrait that would enable the personality to reasonably complete a personal picture of their evolutionary level. Lacuna or crevice of character, absent quality that may lead the conscin to consciential incompleteness.Variant: missing trait.

Admiration-disagreement binomial

Binômio admiração-discordância

Posture of the evolutionary mature conscin, who already knows how to live in peaceful coexistence with another conscin whom he or she loves and admires, but with whose points of view, opinions, and courses of action, they do not always 100% agree with.

Advanced proexis

Proéxis avançada

Existential program of an evolutionary leader conscin, within the libertarian task specific to the groupkarma that is more universalistic and polykarmic, in which he or she is a minipiece in the multidimensional team’s maxi-mechanism. Variants: maxiproexis, advanced existential program.

Agendex (agend + ex)

Agendex (agend + ex)

Extraphysical agenda or a projector’s written list of prioritary extraphysical consciential targets – beings, places, or ideas – that they gradually try to reach in a chronological order when lucidly projected, thus establishing intelligent schemes for self-development.

Altered state of consciousness

Estado alterado de consciência

See xenophrenia.

Alternating intraphysical pre-serenissimus

Pré-serenão intrafísico alternante

Conscin capable of consciously living, at the same time, in the ordinary physical waking state and projected, from time to time, in the extraphysical dimension.

Androchakra (andro + chakra)

Androchacra (andro + chacra)

Sexochakra of the man.

Androsoma (andro + soma)

Androssoma (andro + soma)

Male human body or that specific to a man.

Androsomatics (andro + somatics)

Androssomatics (andro + somatics)

See androsomatology.

Androsomatology (andro + somatology)

Androssomatologia (andro + somatologia)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies the soma, but specificaly the male soma, or androsoma, and its relations with the human consciousness (conscin). It is a scientific sub-field of sexosomatology. Variant: androsomatology.

Androthosene (andro + tho + sen + e)

Andropensene (andro + pen + sen + ene)

Thosene specific to a primitive male conscin, or macho man.



From Latin, animus, soul. Set of intra and extracorporeal phenomena produced by a conscin, without external interferences, such as, the phenomenon of conscious projection induced through one’s will power.

Antithosene (anti + tho + sen + e)

Antipensene (anti + pen + sen + ene)

Antagonistic thosene, common in refutations, omniquestionings, and productive debates.

Aphrodisiac feminine sexosoma

Sexossoma feminino afrodisíaco

Soma of the woman, considered specifically in relation to sex (gender), when that physique is capable of acting as an aphrodisiac. See gynosoma.

Artifacts of knowledge

Artefatos do saber

Instruments or resources considered helpful to expand consciential attributes such as intellection, association of ideas, discernment, and memory, among others. For example files, personal library, chairs, notebooks, different colored pens, CD-ROMs, personal communication devices, dictionaries, displays, encyclopedias, desks, shelving, binders, sheets, practical guides, books in general, field books, personal computers, notes, white paper, folders, pen drives, clippings, magazines, software, treatises, photocopies, and other items.



Quality, condition or characteristic of a consciousness, group of consciousnesses, of an intervention, method, holothosene, place, or instituition that helps or assists other consciousnesses, promoting intra and extraphysical assistance. Examples: assistantial bait; assistantial task; assistantial life; assistantial approach; assistantial mechanism; assistantial work; assistantial team; assistantial proexis.



Speciality of conscientiology that that studies techniques of support and interconsciential aid, aiming at holomaturity, notably applied to a consciousness considered as “whole”, holosomatic, and multimillenary. It is a work of lucid solidarity between consciousnesses on their way to megafraternity.

Assisted consciential projection

Projeção consciente assistida

Projection in which the conscin sees themselves being assisted during the experiment, in a direct manner, by a helper, almost always an expert in lucid projectability (LP).

Auric coupling

Acoplamento áurico

Development of temporary emphaty, interfusion, and reunion of the energetic auras of the vehicles of manifestation of two or more consciousnesses.




Pathological extraphysical dimension of the terrestrial paratroposphere used as the collective domicile of anticosmoethical, sick, parapsychotic, and paracomatose consciexes.



Multidisciplinary speciality of conscientiology that studies self and heterobiographies of consciousnesses, based mainly on the technical principles of cosmoethicology, evolutiology, proexology, and conscientiometrology.

Biothosene (bio + tho + sen + e)

Biopensene (bio + pen + sen + e)

Specific thosene of the human or intraphysical consciousness.

Bithanatosis (bi + thanatos + is)

Bitanatose (bi + tanatos + e)

Deactivation and discarding of the energosoma after physical death, including removal of residual energetic connections of the energosoma in the psychosoma. Variants: second death, second desoma.

Blind guide

Guia cego

Amoral or inexperienced consciousness that helps other consciousnesses by acting in an anticosmoethical way, following their egoistic interests of the moment, without having any scruples with this atittude.

Bradythosene (brady + tho + sen + e)

Bradipensene (bradi + pen + sen + e)

Slow flowing thosene, typical of a bradypsychic conscin.


Cardiochakra (cardio + chakra)

Cardiochacra (cardio + chacra)

The fourth basic chakra; the agent that influences the conscin’s emotions. It vitalizes the heart and lungs. Variant: heartchakra.



Nucleus or delimiting field of consciential energy whose complete set essentially constitutes the energosoma, or holochakra, the energetic parabody within the soma. The energosoma performs a junction with the psychosoma, acting as a connection point through which CE (consciential energy) flows from one consciential vehicle to another. Ten main chakras can be identified: coronochakra, frontochakra, nuchochakra, laryngochakra, cardiochakra, splenochakra, umbilicochakra, sexochakra, palmochakras and plantochakras.

Chirosoma (chiro + soma)

Quirossoma (quiro + soma)

The soma considered specifically with respect to the application of the hands, or manual labour.

Clarification task

Tarefa do esclarecimento

See claritask.

Claritask (clari + task)

Tares (tar + es)

Clarification task. A more advanced personal or group assistance, as it brings about the opportunity for deeper recycling of a conscin’s behaviour. It is a more difficult and is generally viewed in an unsympathetic way within the human social environment. It deals with leading-edge relative truths, based on the consciential paradigm.



Quality or characteristic of what is referred to as claritask (clarification task). Examples: claritaskal volunteering, claritaskal profile. Variant: claritasical.



Speciality of conscientiology dedicated to the specific, systematic, theorical study or research and experience of assistance between consciousnesses, provided through the claritask, or clarification task.



A helper that works together with a conscin in developing lucid, assisted, consciential projections.

Code of Group Cosmoethics (CGC)

Código Grupal de Cosmoética (CGC)

Systematic compilation or set of norms of orthothosenity, righteousness and polykarmic self-behaviour at the highest moral level, created and followed by a group of more lucid consciousnesses in any existential dimension.

Code of Personal Cosmoethics (CPC)

Código Pessoal de Cosmoética (CPC)

Systematic compilation or set of personal rules of integrity, orthothosenity, and polykarmic self-behaviour of the highest moral standard, created and followed by a more lucid consciousness, in any existential dimension.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the quality, condition, or state of coexistence of all multidimensional and pluriexistential consciousnesses: consciential principles, conscins and consciexes, helpers and helped, assistants and assisted, in the condition of evolutionary companions, which through a range of millenial experiences form interconsciential links or affinities constituting the functional basis of the interassistantial maximechanism.



From the Latin, cognitio, to know, and the Greek, polis, city of knowledge. A district in the city of Foz do Iguassu, in the state of Parana, Brazil, located around the Center for the Higher Studies of Conscientiology (CEAEC) and dedicated to the self-research of consciousness since 1995. Today (base year: 2017), it already aggregates 25 conscientiocentric institutions (CIs), 75 conscientiocentric companies (CCs), and around 800 long-term residents or intermissivists coming from many different cities, and even from abroad, linked by their preresomatic intermissive courses (ICs) (intermissiology), the principle of disbelief (disbeliefology), thefulfillment of their group existential programs (maxiproexis, proexology), and their evolutionary self-research.

Communex (commun + ex)

Comunex (comun + ex)

Extraphysical community. Field of groupal consciential energies formed by the conglomerate of morphothosenes and holothosenes emitted by groups of consciexes showing affinity and cohesion amongst themselves through mutual, permanent, deep, and complex personal interests.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies all natures and types of communicability of the consciousness, inclusive of interconsciential communication between consciential dimensions, considering lucid projectability, and the approaches of the “whole”, multidimensional, holosomatic, holobiographical, and holomnemonic consciousness.

Complexis (comple + exis)

Compléxis (comple + exis)

Existential completism. Rare condition in which an exceptional pre-serenissimus consciousness manages to fulfil reasonably well the attributions received for their life on Earth (proexis), taking advantage of the evolutionary potentialities their soma offers.



Hypothetical unit of lucidity of a conscin or consciex that measures their level of hyperacuity or conscientiality at any given evolutionary moment.

Confor (con + for)

Confor (con + for)

Interaction between content (idea, essence) and form (appearance, language) in interconsciential communication processes.



Warmongering intraphysical consciousness.



Human consciousness in an immature condition, shortly after leaving the evolutionary level of apes or subhuman primates, and who faces the first fruits of rationality and self-discernment pertaining to human adulthood.



Non-symbolic telepathic language, native to the consciential dimension of very evolved extraphysical societies.

Consciential amentia

Amência consciencial

Condition of the consciousness incapable of thinking with reasonable mental balance; intense mentalsomatic obnubilation.

Consciential basement

Porão consciencial

Phase of infantile and adolescent manifestation of the conscin, until reaching adulthood, characterized by the more primitive weaktraits of the multivehicular, multiexistential, and multimillennial consciousness.

Consciential bond

Vínculo consciencial

Cosmoethical, self-lucid, voluntary and polykarmic link between a person and a particular institution. The consciential bond goes beyond the employment bond.

Consciential concentration

Concentração consciencial

State of direct focus upon a single object without deviation of the consciousness’ senses, attributes, will and intention.

Consciential continuism

Continuísmo consciencial

Condition of wholeness, without gaps, in the continuity of consciential life, through providential prevision and evolutionary self-relay, or in other words: the incessant linking of the current experience to immediately prior and subsequent experiences, in a cohesive and unified whole, without discontinuity or ruptured consciential experiences.

Consciential ectopia

Ectopia consciencial

Unsatisfactory execution of the existential program in an eccentric and displaced manner, out of the programed itinerary chosen for the intraphysical life.

Consciential energy (CE)

Energia consciencial (EC)

Energies of the consciousness qualified by its thosenity (quality of the thoughts, sentiments, and energies), cosmoethics, and intentionality which can be moved, absorbed, and externalized through the application of the personal will.

Consciential era

Era consciencial

Era in which the average conscin will be sufficiently evolved, through impacts, re-definitions and revolutions created through the experience of lucid projectability (LP), at which point the implantation of self-conscientiality will take place.

Consciential eunuch

Eunuco consciencial

Conscin castrated and conscientially manipulated by sectarian domesticators of satisfied robots, modern slaves of the unthinking masses.

Consciential family

Família consciencial

Group of alike intraphysical and extraphysical consciousnesses linked by bonds of friendship and common evolutionary goals, without a need for any parental or consanguineous ties.

Consciential gestation

Gestação consciencial

Evolutionary productivity, useful, for the conscin, within the framework of the personal deeds of the proexis.

Consciential hygiene

Higiene consciencial

Speciality of conscientiology that studies, researches, and applies systematic, theorical techniques from the set of measures adopted to avoid intrusion and the permanence of pathothosenes in the consciential microuniverse while in specific holothosenes, whether personal, group, or institutional. This starts with the elimination of pathological thosenization and the production of ill antithosenes, deep-rooted contrathosenes, or vicious monoideas.

Consciential hyperspaces

Hiperespaços conscienciais

Extraphysical consciential dimensions.

Consciential microuniverse

Microuniverso consciencial

The consciousness as a whole, the sum total of its attributes, thosenes, and manifestations in the development of its evolution. The microcosmos of the consciousness in relation to the macrocosmos of the universe.

Consciential monoendowment

Monodotação consciencial

Employment of only one type of intelligence or talent, being the opposite, negative, consciential condition of the inexperienced conscin or the one still lacking evolution, in relation to intraconsciential tridotation.

Consciential openness

Abertismo consciencial

Advanced condition of the neophilic conscin possessing self-thosenity multilaterally open to knowledge regarding the evolution of consciousness, and able to intentionally apply in life advanced evolutionary techniques proposed by conscientiology, such as: cosmoethicology, invexis, penta, and deperticity.

Consciential paracomatose

Paracomatose consciencial

Extraphysical comatose state of a projected conscin, who invariably remains unconscious and therefore without recollection of extraphysical events. Variant: consciential paracoma.

Consciential paradigm

Paradigma consciencial

Leading theory of conscientiology based on the consciousness itself and its attributes. Reference system or scientific model which allows for a broader study and understanding of the consciousness based on its bioenergetic, holosomatic, multidimensional, and multiexistential reality.

Consciential retailing

Varejismo consciencial

Rudimentary system of individual behaviour characterized by lesser, isolated, consciential actions having a minimum of productive results or important evolutionary effects.

Consciential scaffolds

Andaimes conscienciais

Dispensable psychological or physiological crutches. Variant: consciential scaffolding.

Consciential self-bilocation

Autobilocação consciencial

Act of an intraphysical projector finding and contemplating, face to face, their own human body (soma), while their consciousness is out of the body, occupying another vehicle of consciential manifestation.

Consciential self-relay

Auto-revezamento consciencial

Advanced condition in which the consciousness evolves by securing one intraphysical existence to another, consecutively (bound proexes), like links in a chain (seriexis), within their multiexistential cycle (holobiography). Variant: self-relay.

Consciential triendowment

Tridotação consciencial

Quality of the combination of 3 talents most useful to a conscientiologist: intellectuality, parapsychism, and communicability. Variant: consciential tricapacity.

Consciential wholesaling

Atacadismo consciencial

Individual behaviour system characterized by the directive to take consciential acts, as a whole, without leaving any negative evolutionary traces or gaps.

Conscientiocentric institution (CI)

Instituição conscienciocêntrica (IC)

Institution which centres its objectives on the consciousness itself and its evolution, a consciential cooperative, within the conscientiological socin, having consciential and employment bonds at its basis.



Social philosophy which centers its objectives on consciousness itself and its evolution. See also the term conscientiocentrology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies and researches the social philosophy centered on the objectives of the consciousness itself and consciential evolution, through the creation and maintenance of a conscientiocentric institution (CI) in the manner of a consciential cooperative or collegiate, within the conscientiological socin, based on the consciential employment and double bond.



System of power capable of organizing the evolutionary process of multiple consciousnesses, based on their level of conscientiality.



Technical form for evaluating the evolutionary level of a consciousness; it is the consciential megatest whose model is the Homo sapiens serenissimus, the consciousness responsible for an exemplary positive egokarmic account. The basic instrument used in conscientiometric tests.

Conscientiological tertulia

Tertúlia conscienciológica

Spontaneous and informal reunion, gathering, or assembly of like-minded researchers, to discuss themes of the moment, perform quick analyses, and reach transient consensuses as regards neoresearch, hypotheses, and theories, in this free, daily, two-hour, long-term course, which has no prerequisites. Tertulias always offer new approaches to as yet unpublished current, theorical, broad ranging, and advanced conscientiology themes of common interest.

Conscientiological verbetography

Verbetografia conscienciológica

Technical writing of entries for the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology, whose wording style or confor combines claritaskal, cosmovisiological, verponological, and interassistantial content with a form, model or template for the homogeneous, patterned, and educational composition of texts.



Conscin committed to the permanent study of and objective experimentation within the research fields of conscientiology. The conscientiologist acts as an agent of evolutionary renovations (retrocognitive agent), in the libertarian work of consciousnesses in general.



Science which studies the consciousness in an integral, holosomatic, multidimensional, multimillennial, and multiexistential manner, and, above all, according to reactions to immanent energies, consciential energies, as well as in their multiple states.

Conscientiology class

Aula de Conscienciologia

Lesson or learning exercise on specific conscientiological themes, taught by an instructor, a conscientiologist (conscin or consciex) experienced in the area of knowledge, under technical conditions, in a place or dimension deemed appropriate, and at a determined time.

Conscientiology facilitator

Facilitador da Conscienciologia

Conscin dedicated to presenting, with their own cosmoethical life example (self-exemplariness) the defining principles of the corpus of the science of sciences, without seeking to convince, persuade, entice, or brainwash other people, but opening and paving the way to re-education urbi et orbi (parapedagogy), by only informing (communicology) in a theorical (theoricology) and verbactional (verbactiology) way, according to their own experience of the evolutionary clarification task (claritask; interassistantiology).



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the conscientiological measurements, or those related to the consciousness, by using the resources and methods capable of establishing a possible basis for the mathematization of the consciousness. Main instrument: the book Conscientiogram. Variant: conscientiometry.



See conscientiometrology.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the specific, systematic, and theorical studies, researches, and experiences of treatment, relief, and remission of a consciousness’disturbances, performed by using the resources and techniques stemming from approaching the consciousness with its pathologies, parapathologies, prophylaxis, and paraprophylaxis as a whole.



Set of self and hetero-applied techniques, procedures, and methods from conscientiotherapeuticology for the treatment, relief, and remission of consciential disturbances and disorders, performed by approaching the consciousness with its pathologies, parapathologies, prophylaxis, and paraprophylaxis as a whole.

Consciex (consci + ex)

Consciex (consci + ex)

Extraphysical consciousness; paracitizen of an extraphysical society (sociex). Plural: consciexes. Outdated variants: spirit, ghost, discarnate.

Conscin (cons + in)

Conscin (cons + in)

Intraphysical consciousness; the human personality; a citizen of the intraphysical society. Outdated variant: incarnate. Plural: conscins.

Consciousness, the

Consciência, a

It is you and I, also known as individuality, individual essence, soul, spirit, self, ego, intelligent principle in constant evolution, utilizing specific vehicles to manifest in diverse dimensions, through self-awareness and rationality with which ideas and self-thosenic actions are processed. It is 1 of the 2 basic cosmic components - the other being energy.

Consener (cons + ener)

Consener (cons + ener)

Energivorous consciousness. A permanently needy consciousness, with an insatiable desire for the consciential energies of human beings (conscins) and subhumans. Variant: energetic vampire.

Consolation task

Tarefa da consolação

See consoltask.

Consoltask (consol + task)

Tacon (ta + con)

Consolation task. Primary, personal or group assistance. It is easier and nicer to perform in human social environments, as it generally brings immediate gratification to the practitioner as a result of their efforts. It deals with maximally consoling emotionally and socially needy individuals, who are generally inexperienced with regards to evolution and tropospheric conscins. It predisposes those assisted consciousnesses to the condition of interconsciential dependency, with opportunities for a transference of feelings and consciential manipulation, which is why tacon is still not an ideal form of assistance.



Quality or characteristic of the object or person who promotes consoltask or the consolation task. Examples: consoltaskal assistance, consoltaskal profile, consoltaskal approach, consoltaskal duplism, consoltaskal volunteering, consoltaskal patronage, consoltaskal ego, consoltaskal emotion, consoltaskal welcome, consoltaskal text.



Set of studies of ancient, still very rudimentary and inadequate, consolatory assistance to the needy, today surpassed by greater cosmoethical clarification in order to free a consciousness from dependence on others, and enter the evolutionary process of consciential interdependence.



Reurbanized consciex. Extraphysical consciousness with pathological paragenetics forcibly displaced – due to the needs of extraphysical reurbanization – from the pathological extraphysical community where they lived for centuries, to another transient extraphysical community, in order to prepare for a resoma on Earth, or even undergo an imposed transmigration to another planet of inferior intraphysical evolution, when compared with ours.

Coronochakra (corono + chakra)

Coronochacra (corono + chacra)

The chakra in the crown area, related to manifestations of expansion of consciousness, elaboration of thought, and mentalsomatic lucidity. The chakra denoting more advanced manifestation in the energosoma. (Conscienciopédia, 2017). Variant: crown-chakra; coronal chakra.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the practical application of the cosmogram or technical worksheet to determine an evaluation of realities of the universe, filtered by the multidimensional principles of conscientiology. Performed through a maximum association of ideas (overview) and facts (phenomenology) that pertain to and involve the holothosene of the self and heterocritical human personality. It is a scientific subfield of communicology.Variant: cosmo-analysis.



See cosmo-analiticology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the expansion of conscious­ness, or the cosmoconsciousness phenomenon, through the mentalsoma. It is a subfield of paraperceptiology.



Condition or internal perception of the consciousness of the cosmos, life, and the order of the universe, in an intellectual and cosmoethical exaltation impossible to describe, when the consciousness feels the life presence of the universe and becomes one with it, in an indivisible unit. Interconsciential communication exists within this singular condition. Variant: cosmic consciousness. Outdated variants: nirvana, samadhi, satori, zen.

Cosmoethical mimicry

Mimese cosmoética

Productive social impulse of imitating a conscin’s evolved ancestors, that are the conscin´s retrolives. Not to be confused with the parapathological, mystical, cult of ancestors.



Cosmoethical quality of the consciousness. Variant: cosmoethicality.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies ethics or the reflection upon the multidimensional, cosmic moral, which defines holomaturity, situated beyond the intraphysical social moral, or the moral which presents itself with any human label.

Cosmoethics (cosmo + ethics)

Cosmoética (cosmo + ética)

Critical reflection based on the pillars of the consciential paradigm, regarding the ethical and cosmic moral principles, norms, and values that orient advanced andmultidimensionally assistantialevolutionary behaviour. It goes beyond all human or intraphysical societal moral principles. Cosmoethics is the unit of measure of one´s self-incorruptibility, and is the most intelligently discerning norm for consciousnesses willing to apply it as their normal conduct, and thus dynamize their evolution.

Cosmothosene (cosmo + tho + sen + e)

Cosmopensene (cosmo + pen + sen + ene)

Specific thosene of conscientese or of the state of cosmoconsciousness; unit of measure of the non-symbolic, paratelepathic language used in very evolved communexes; fundamental thosene or materthosene characteristic of the evolutionary profile of a Free Consciex (FC).



Helper who works jointly with a conscientiotherapist conscin to develop the technical assistantial procedures of conscientiotherapy and its evolutients (OIC).

Cothosene (co + tho + sen + e)

Copensene (co + pen + sen + e)

Thosene of the specific manifestation of a chorus, groups of prayers or masses.

Counterthosene (counter + tho + sen + e)

Contrapensene (contra + pen + sen + e)

Intraconsciential thosene of the conscin; mute mental refutation; the mute thosene; a type of intrathosene.




Fantastic state created by the imagination of the conscin during the ordinary physical waking state.

Deficitary omission

Omissão deficitária

Attitude of absence of positioning with regards to a given theme, fact or situation, where claritaskal intervention could take place, however the consciousness opts for non-assistantial inaction or negligence, reverting to evolutionary deficit.



See interconsciential deintrusion.



Consciential evolutionary quality of a deperto, - totally and permanently intrusion free individual - completely aware of this quality within the assistantial tasks they perform towards other consciousnesses. Variant: permanintfreeness, intrusionlessness. Outdated variants: petifreeness.

Deperto (de + per + to)

Desperto (des + per + to)

Intraphysical human being or conscin that is totally and permanently intrusion free, while being fully aware of this quality. Variant: permanintfree. Outdated variants: petifree, intrusionless.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies deperticity or the evolutionary consciential quality of the deperto human being, whose no longer subject to pathological interconsciential intrusion, and all the harmful evolutionary consequences of this uncomfortable condition. It is a scientific subfield of conscientiometry (holomaturology). Variant: permanintfreeology.

Dermatologies of the consciousness

Dermatologias da consciência

Compound expression attributed to conventional science under the Newtonian-Cartesian mechanistic paradigm, which focus its research solely on the soma, due to a lack of necessary tools for the technical investigation of the consciousness; periconsciential science.

Desoma (de + soma)

Dessoma (des + soma)

Somatic deactivation, near and inevitable for every conscin; final projection; first death; biological death; monotanathosis. Desoma or more specifically the first desoma is the deactivation of the human body or soma. The second desoma is the deactivation of the energosoma. The third desoma is the deactivation of the psychosoma.



See desomatology.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study and research of the physical context of the desoma (biological death) and the consciential, psychological, social, medical-legal, and multidimensional contexts related to the deactivation of the soma (human body), as well as the second and third desomas and their consequences. It is a scientifc subfield of intraphysicology.

Destructive macro-PK

Macro-PK destrutiva

Harmful PK (psychokinesis), capable of causing injury to the conscin, which could even be fatal to the soma.

Dimener (dim + ener)

Dimener (dime + ener)

Energetic dimension of the consciousness or the natural dimension of the energosoma. Variants: energosomatic dimension; three and a half dimension.

Dimex (dim + ex)

Dimensão extrafísica

Extraphysical dimension. Dimension, sphere, or environment of consciential manifestation beyond the intraphysical, material, or human life in the ordinary waking state, in which the conscin manifests when projected in the psychosoma or mentalsoma, or when a consciex, after the desoma. This dimension comprises the energetic dimension (dimener); the intermediary between physical and extraphysical dimensions; the pathological paratropospheric dimension, close to the terrestrial crust; and finally, the more evolved and subtle extraphysical dimension, further away from the planet’s crust. Variant: extraphysicality. Outdated variant: astral plane.

Dimin (dim + in)

Dimensão intrafísica

Intraphysical dimension. Dense physical dimension in which the soma manifests itself, allowing for the human life (resoma) of consciousnesses, subhuman, and other consciential principles. This dimension allows for a heterogeneous acquaintanceship of consciousnesses of different evolutionary levels, something impossible in extraphysical dimensions.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the personal, technical, and theorical study, dissection and rational assessment of the quality, condition, or character of authenticity or reality of any matter, fact, parafact, phenomenon or paraphenomenon, discarding all postures or attitudes of credulity. All studies should hence carry the stamp of self-experimentation or specific self-experience, meaning, having a base in the principle of disbelief.

Discoincidence of the vehicles of manifestationDescoincidência dos veículos de manifestação

The act of leaving, in any vehicle of manifestation, the condition of coincidence or the junction of the consciential bodies.

Domicile holothosene

Holopensene domiciliar

Physical base; energetically shielded bedroom; extraphysical clinic (offiex). Variant: domiciliary holothosene.



Natural, intermediate consciential state between the ordinary physical waking state and natural sleep, characterized by a set of ideas and images that present themselves to the consciousness. A bad dream, one which experiences the effects of agitation, anguish, and oppression during its development, receives the names nightmare, nocturnal terror, or nightmarish hallucination.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the specific, systematic, and theorical study of the evolutionary duo technique. This technique has the capacity of uniting the efforts of both evolutionary duo partners in the condition of assistantial mini-pieces within the multidimensional maximechanism based on cosmoethical interassistance. It aims to catalyze the evolutionary duo’s consciential evolution and their production of proexological megagescons.




From the Greek, ektós, out; plasma, mold, substance. Energetic exudate, semimaterial, with viscous milky characteristics, almost transparent and retractablecontaining chemical properties similar to organic intracellular components, more easily noticeable when emanating from the soma of the ectoplast sensitive during mediumistic sessions of physical effects, promoting materialization phenomena.

Egokarma (ego + karma)

Egocarma (ego + carma)

Principle of cause and effect acting on the evolution of a consciousness, when exclusively centred on the ego itself. State of free will tied to childish egocentrism.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the relationships or principles of cause and effect acting on the evolution of a consciousness, when exclusively centred on the ego per se. It is a subdiscipline of holokarmology. Variants: egokarmalogy.

Egothosene (ego + tho + sen + e)

Egopensene (ego + pen + sen + e)

The same as self-thosene; the unit of measurement of consciential selfishness, according to conscientiology, or more appropriately, conscientiometrology.

Energetic coupling

Acoplamento energético

Interfusion of energosomatic energies between two or more consciousnesses (conscins), or between a consciousness and a place or object.

Energetic dimension

Dimensão energética

See dimener.

Energetic maxispringtime

Maxiprimavera energética

See maxienerspring.

Energetic minispringtime

Miniprimavera energética

See minienerspring.

Energetic rubbish

Bagulho energético

Dysfunctional object producing entropy in an environment. Example: materials evoking pathological energies, negative memories, anticosmoethical holothosenes, self-intrusion, or even useless objects or those dislocated in the context of an environment, for example, photos of an accident, guns or imitation guns, stuffed animals, bonsai, trophies and medals in the house of a highly competitive person, pornographic material in the house of a convalescing promiscuous person, alcohol in the house of an ex-addict, letters from a deceased person, clocks that no longer work, guest luggage in the penta room. Variant: energetic knick-knack.

Energetic self-defence.

Autodefesa energética

Capacity of the consciousness to put themselves in a cosmoethical, protected condition, with regard to negative, intrusive, or pathological energies and thosenizations external to their consciential microuniverse.

Energetic shielded chamber

Alcova energeticamente blindada

Private intraphysical room, energetically defended and extraphysically “aseptic”, in the person's home, where the person or evolutionary duo sleeps, projects, and has their sexual life; intrusion-proof bedroom.

Energetic shielding of environment

Blindagem energética de ambientes

Act or effect of consciously safeguarding the intra and extraphysical environments where a conscin lives, works, sleeps, and interacts, by shielding them with one's own consciencial energy (CE).

Energivorous consciousness

Consciência energívora

See consener.



Energetic parabody or the set of structural consciential energies that temporarily connect the psychosoma to the conscin’s soma. This body is deactivated with the second desoma, however it may also remain as a remnant vehicle of the paratropospheric consciex. Variant: holochakra, counter body. Outdated variants: vital body, etheric body.

Energosomatic existence

Existência energossomática

Intraphysical or human life of the conscin. Variant: holochakral existence.

Energosomatic intrusion

Intrusão energossomática

Invasion of a consciousness by another through the CEs (consciential energy) or the energosoma (holochakra). Variant: holochakral intrusion, energetic intrusion.

Energosomatic looseness

Soltura do energossoma

Condition of relative freedom of action of the conscin’s energetic parabody, with respect to the psychosoma and the soma. Variant: holochakral looseness.

Energosomatic seduction

Sedução energossomática

Energetic action, with the more or less conscious intention, of a consciousness to dominate another, or others. Variant: holochakral seduction.



Degree of the quality of irradiation of personal, singular or individual consciential energy - determining the degree in quality of relations of the intraphysical consciousness with other intra and extraphysical consciousnesses. Variant: holochakrality.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the quality of the human consciousness’ (conscin) manifestations derived from its energosoma, or energetic
parabody. It is a scientific subfield of holosomatology.

Enerspring (ener + spring)

Primener (prim + ener)

Energetic springtime; relatively long lasting personal condition; peak level of healthy and constructive consciential energies (CEs).

Enerspring by 2

Primener a dois

Energetic springtime of the evolutionary duo, in which the partners truly love each other and fully dominate the application of their healthy consciential energies (CEs), with full lucidity, constructing their proexes through consciential gestations. Variant: energetic springtime by 2.



Science applied to the specific, systematic, theorical studies, research, and experiments with enumeration, methodical relations or lists of ideas, employing the didactic technique of processing texts, through factual or variable language based on informative self-criticism.

Epicon (epi + con)

Epicon (epi + con)

Consciential epicenter. Key conscin for the operation of epicentrism, who becomes a fulcrum of lucidity, assistantiality, and interdimensional constructiveness, through the offiex (extraphysical clinic). It has a direct relation with penta (personal energetic task).

Euphorex (euphor + ex)

Euforex (eufor + ex)

Condition of extraphysical euphoria, after somatic deactivation, generated through the reasonable completion of the existential programe. Euphorex can affect the lucidly projected conscin. Variants: post-mortem euphoria; para-euphoria; post-desomatic euphoria.

Euphorin (euphor + in)

Euforin (eufor + in)

Condition of intraphysical euphoria, prior to somatic deactivation, generated through the reasonable completion of the proexis. Ideal condition predisposing a positive morexis (existential moratorium). Variant: pre-mortem euphoria.

Everlearner (ever + learner)

Semperaprendente (semper + aprendente)

Quality, condition or characteristic of the neophilic self-taught consciousness as regards to the acquisition of evolutionary neo-knowledge, in a process of permanent learning and development. Such a consciousness is theorical in consciential recycling, invests in clarifying interassistantial practices and in the prioritization of claritaskal productivity, during successive intraphysical lives and intermissive periods along its evolutionary path.



Proactive assisted consciousness seeking self-development and intraconsciential recycling, through a progressive and continuous process of intimate transformation, envisaging the expansion of their evolutionary level in an active way by overcoming personal parapathologies, and thus developing their potentials and consequently improving their consciential health.



Consciousness who coadjutates the intelligent coordination of the proexis, the consciential evolution of an individual or the entire group of consciousnesses, in the same megagroupkarma. The evolutionary condition between the deperto (intrusion free) individual and the serenissimus (Homo sapiens serenissimus). Variant: Evolutionary orientor; evolutionary orienter.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study of evolution of consciousness and approached in a high-level, integral, holosomatic, multiexistential, and multidimensional manner. Subject matter specific to an evolutionary orientor or evolutiologist. It is a scientific subfield of thosenology.

Evolutionary duo

Dupla evolutiva

Two consciousnesses who interact positively in joint evolution; existential condition of evolutionary cooperation by two.

Evolutionary Duo Code of Cosmoethics (EDCC).

Código Duplista de Cosmoética (CDC)

Systematic compilation or set of rules of righteous, orthothosenic, polykarmic self-behaviour of the highest moral level, created and followed by the members of an evolutionary duo.

Evolutionary intelligence

Inteligência evolutiva

Capacity to apprehend, learn, or understand, and adapt to human life, based on the application and theorical self-aware expansion of one's already assimilated, personal, consciential, evolutionary mechanism. It includes the use of cosmoethicology, seriexology, and proexology, defining the consciousness' self-awareness regarding their rational evolution; lucid self-evolution propelled by one's own cosmoethical self-thosenic performance.

Evolutionary orientor

Orientador evolutivo

See evolutiologist.

Evolutionary scale of the consciousness

Escala evolutiva da consciência

Scale or parameter of evolutionary consciential profiles enabling self-assessment, the identification of one's personal level in comparison with the serenissimi, and a plan of personal recycling for self-evolution. This scale encompasses the following evolutionary levels: transmigrated consreu (10%); resomated consreu (20%); common pre-serenissimus (25%); unaware consciential bait (25%); penta practitioner (25%); conscious projector (30%); lucid epicenter (35%); conscientiologist (40%); deperto (50%); semi-consciex (60%); tele-guided (65%); evolutiologist (75%); serenissimus (100% our evolutionary model), and free-consciex (FC).

Evolutionary self-sufficiency

Autossuficiência evolutiva

Theorical (theoretical and practical) confidence experienced by the conscin when they attain a set of specific knowledge and qualities for their evolution, having a more advanced level of self-discernment and polykarmic evolutionary intelligence (EI), deriving from a condition of deperticity.

Existential completism

Completismo existencial

See complexis.

Existential incompletism

Incompletismo existência

See incomplexis.

Existential inversion

Inversão existencial

See invexis.

Existential invertology

Invertologia existencial

See invexology.

Existential maximoratorium

Maximoratória existencial

See maximorexis.

Existential maxiprogram

Programação existencial máxima

See maxiproexis.

Existential program

Programação existencial

See proexis.

Existential recyclability

Reciclabilidade existencial

The quality of the intraphysical execution of one´s existential recycling.

Existential recycler

Reciclante existencial

Conscin who disposes themselves to the execution of recexis. Variant: recycler.

Existential self-mimicry

Automimese existencial

Imitation by a conscin, of life occurrences or past experiences, from present life or previous existences.

Existential seriation

Seriação existencial

See seriexis.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies all forms and categories of evolutionary experiments of the consciousness. It is a scientific subfield of evolutiology.



Related to that which is outside, or beyond the intraphysical or human state; a consciential state less physical than the body.

Extraphysical agenda

Agenda extrafísica

See agendex.

Extraphysical approach

Abordagem extrafísica

Contact of one consciousness with another in the extraphysical dimension.

Extraphysical catatonia

Catatonia extrafísica

Fixed condition of the projected conscin maintaining stereotyped, repeated, and generally useless extraphysical acts, with regards to its own evolution.

Extraphysical Central of Energy (ECE)

Central Extrafísica da Energia (CEE)

Specialized para-institution, planned and established to stock and monitor consciential energy (CE), like an extraphysical consciential powerstation, aiming at supplying and distributing therapeutic homeostatic energies, to effectively assist other consciousnesses – consciexes and conscins – under the direct supervision of the Invisible College of Serenissimi. Variant: Extraphysical Centre of Energy.

Extraphysical Central of Fraternity (ECF)

Central Extrafísica da Fraternidade (CEF)

Para-institution or specialized communex, planned and established to irradiate manifestations or cosmo-thosenations of fraternity pervading the cosmos in a therapeutic and homeostatic manner, providing silent, anonymous, and effective assistance to all consciousnesses. Variant: Extraphysical Centre of Fraternity; Extraphysical Central of Megafraternity.

Extraphysical Central of Veracity (ECV)

Central Extrafísica da Verdade (CEV)

Para-institution or specialized communex, planned and established to irradiate manifestations or paraconstructs of the basic therapeutic and homeostatic truths of the cosmos, for the effective assistance to all consciousnesses. Variant: Extraphysical Centre of Verity.

Extraphysical clinic

Clínica extrafísica

Extraphysical clinic of an intraphysical epicon. Examples: the extraphysical resources and installations; a domiciliary holothosene. Variant: extraphysical office.

Extraphysical community

Comunidade extrafísica

See communex.

Extraphysical consciousness

Consciência extrafísica

See consciex.

Extraphysical euphoria

Euforia extrafísica

See euphorex.

Extraphysical gang raid


Action of a group of energivorous consciexes, including extraphysical blind guides, in paratropospheric dimensions, with the intent of vampirising conscins. Usually coinciding with celebrations or intraphysical events that gather people prone to collective, intrusive victimization through consciential energies. Variant: extraphysical raid.

Extraphysical helper

Amparador extrafísico

Consciex who aids and assists a conscin or various conscins; extraphysical benefactor. Variant: assistex. Outdated variants: guardian angel; angel of light; spiritual guide; mentor.

Extraphysical hometown


See paraprovenance.

Extraphysical melancholy

Melancolia extrafísica

See melex.

Extraphysical monitoring

Monitoria extrafísica

Condition of assistance performed by healthy consciexes in favour of a balanced conscin, when the conscin is performing balanced consolation or the clarification task.

Extraphysical precognition

Precognição extrafísica

From Latin, pre, before; cognocescere, to know. Perceptive faculty through which the consciousness, completely projected out of the human body, becomes aware of indeterminate facts, including distant objects, scenes, and forms, regarding the immediate or remote future.

Extraphysical reurbanization

Reurbanização extrafísica

See reurbex.

Extraphysical romance

Romance extrafísico

Set of acts through which a conscin maintains a positive and healthy romance, while out of the body.

Extraphysical society

Sociedade extrafísica

See sociex.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study of relationships and experiences of the intraphysical consciousness (conscin) in other dimensions beyond intraphysicality. It is a scientific subfield of holoresomatology.


Foreigner syndrome

Síndrome do Estrangeiro

Morbid state of alienation characterized by a clinical condition in which a conscin’s psychosomatic imbalance predominates, being deeply set in the convergence of signs and/or symptoms of nostalgia related to the recently experienced intermissive extraphysical period. This causes an existential conflict of personal maladjustment to intraphysical life. Variant: Intermissive Course Withdrawal Syndrome.

Free consciex (FC)

Consciex Livre (CL)

From Latin, con + scientia, with knowledge. Consciex which has definitively freed itself from its psychosoma or emotional parabody, and from the strings of serial existences. It comes after the Homo sapiens serenissimus in the evolutionary hierarchy. Variants: free extraphysical consciousness, free consciousness.

Free consciousness

Consciência livre

See free consciex.



Encephalic chakra located on the forehead, between the eyes; when activated promotes clairvoyance. Variant: frontal chakra. Outdated variant: third eye, third vision.

Function-specific helper

Amparador específico de função

Consciex technically specialized in specific tasks performed together with the assisted conscin. For example, in the practices of the personal energy task (penta) or the extraphysical clinic.


Geoenergy (geo + energy)

Geoenergia (geo + energia)

Immanent energy (IE) from the ground and earth absorbed by the conscin through the pre-kundalini. Outdated variant: telluric energy.

Golden cord

Cordão de ouro

Supposed energetic element - similar to a remote control - which maintains the mentalsoma connected to the parabrain of the psychosoma.

Graphothosene (grapho + tho + sen + e)

Grafopensene (grafo + pen + sen + e)

The thosenic signature of the conscin.

Grecex (g + rec + ex)

Grecex (g + rec + ex)

Group of existential recyclers; intraphysical meeting and experience together in a group, with the objective of experiencing planned existential recycling. Plural: grecexes. Variant: group of existential recyclers.

Grinvex (gr + inve + ex)

Grinvex (gr + inve + ex)

Group of existential invertors; intraphysical meeting and experience together in a group, with the objective of experiencing planned existential inversion. Plural: grinvexes. Variant: group of existential inverters.

Group of existential inverters

Grupo de inversores existenciais

See grinvex.

Group of existential recyclers

Grupo de reciclantes existenciais

See grecex.



Quality of the evolutionary group of the consciousness; condition of evolution in a group.

Groupkarma (group + karma)

Grupocarma (grupo + carma)

Principle of cause and effect acting on the evolution of the consciousness, when centred on the evolutionary group. State of individual freewill when linked to the evolutionary group.

Groupkarmic course

Curso grupocármico

Set of stages of the consciousness within the consciential evolutionary group.

Groupkarmic interprison

Interprisão grupocármica

Coercive interconsciential commitment resulting from anticosmoethical, joint or group actions; the condition of groupkarmic inseparability of the evolutionary consciential principle or consciousness.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the relationships or principles of cause and effect active in the evolution of the consciousness when centered on the evolutionary group. It is a scientific subfield of holokarmology. Variant: groupkarmalogy.

Groupthosene (group + tho + sen + e)

Grupopensene (grupo + pen + sen + e)

Sectarian, corporativist, and antipolykarmic thosene; a groupthosene can also be constructive.

Gynochakra (gyno + chakra)

Ginochacra (gino + chacra)

Sexochakra of the woman.

Gynosoma (gyno + soma)

Ginossoma (gino + soma)

Feminine human body or body specific to a woman, specialized in the animal reproduction of the intraphysical life of the consciousness; the aphrodisiac body.



See gynosomatology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the soma, specifically the soma of the female gender or gynosoma, and its relation with the human consciousness (conscin). It is a scientific subfield of sexosomatics.

Gynothosene (gyno + tho + sen + e)

Ginopensene (gino + pen + sen + e)

Thosene specific to feminine language and communicability.




From the Latin, hallucinari, making errors. Apparent perception of an external object not present at that moment; mental error in the perception of the senses without a foundation in any objective reality.



See extraphysical helper.

Heterothosene (hetero + tho + sen + e)

Heteropensene (hetero + pen + sen + e)

The thosene of others in relation to the researcher.

Holobiography (holo + biography)

Holobiografia (holo + biografia)

Set of personal archives of the multidimensional evolution of a consciousness across its seriexises.

Holochakra (holo + chakra)

Holochacra (holo + chacra)

See energosoma.

Holochakral existence

Existência holochacral

See energosomatic existence.

Holochakral intrusion

Intrusão holochacral

See energosomatic intrusion.

Holochakral seduction

Sedução holochacral

See energosomatic seduction.



See energosomaticity.

Holochakralogy (holo + chakra + logy)

Holochacralogia (holo + chacra + logia)

See energosomatology.

Holokarma (holo + karma)

Holocarma (holo + carma)

Union of the three types of consciential actions and reactions: egokarma, groupkarma, and polykarma, within the principles of cause and effect acting on the evolution of the consciousness.

Holokarmology (holo + karma+ logy)

Holocarmologia (holo + carma + logia)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies the holokarmic account of the consciousness in evolution encompassing egokarmality, groupkarmality, and polykarmality. It is a scientific subfield of evolutiology. Variant: holokarmalogy.

Holomaturity (holo + maturity)

Holomaturidade (holo + maturidade)

Condition of integrated maturity of the conscin - biological, psychological, holosomatic, and multidimensional.

Holomaturology (holo + maturo + logy)

Holomaturologia (holo + maturo + logia)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies the holomaturity of the human consciousness, or its integral, biological, psychological, mentalsomatic, and multidimensional maturity, or holosomatic maturity, in all its forms of manifestation and evolutionary consequences. It is a scientific subfield of evolutiology.

Holomemory (holo + memory)

Holomemória (holo + memória)

Causal, composed, multimillennial, multiexistential, implacable, uninterrupted, personal memory, which retains all facts relative to the consciousness; multimemory; polymemory.



Study applied to the body of knowledge or of all formal, fundamental and multidimensional principles of conscientiology on the understanding of evolutionary cosmic realities, comprehending the cosmoethical, universalistic and theorical bases, all systems and philosophies, of all kinds existing on earth.

Holoresomatics (holo + re + somatics)

Holoressomática (holo + re + somática)

See holoresomatology.

Holoresomatology (holo + re + soma + logy)

Holoressomática (holo + re + somática)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies existential seriality and evolutionary multiexistential cycles or successive intraphysical resomas of a human consciousness, along with their implications and repercussions; including its relation to interplanetary transmigration. It is a scientific subfield of experimentology.

Holorgasm (holo + orgasm)

Holorgasmo (holo + orgasmo)

Holosomatic orgasm; maximum level of ecstasy generated by the energies of the entire holosoma.

Holosoma (holo + soma)

Holossoma (holo + soma)

Set of vehicles of manifestation of the conscin: soma, energosoma, psychosoma, and mentalsoma; and of the consciex: psychosoma and mentalsoma.

Holosomatic coincidence

Coincidência holossomática

Condition of harmonious coexistence, interpenetration, juxtaposition, alignment, interdependence, and interrelation between the ego, or consciousness, mentalsoma, psychosoma, energossoma, and human body. Also included within this complex structure is the golden chord, or the link between the mentalsoma and psychosoma, and its link with the human body, that is, the silver chord.

Holosomatic homeostasis

Homeostase holossomática

Healthy integrated state of harmony of the holosoma.

Holosomatic interfusion

Interfusão holossomática

State of maximum symas (sympathetic assimilation of energies) between 2 consciousnesses.

Holosomatic intrusion

Intrusão holossomática

Invasion of a consciousness by another through the entire holosoma.

Holosomatics (holo + somatics)

Holossomática (holo + somática)

See holosomatology.

Holosomatology (holo + somato + logy)

Holossomatologia (holo + somato + logia)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies the holosoma or the set of vehicles of manifestation of an intra or extraphysical consciousness, its functions, and applications. It is a scientific subfield of thosenology. Variant: holosomatics.



Personal energosphere, self-psychosphere, or aura. From the Latin: aura, breath of air. Field of unknown nature, with some magnetic characteristics, having a luminous appearance to sensitives, projected consciexes and conscins, whose colours, on certain occasions, are probably linked to the energy field and the activities and thoughts of the realities involved, for example, living beings, men, women, children, fetuses, animals, plants, minerals, physical objects, and even consciexes (self-luminosity).

Holotheca (holo + theca)

Holoteca (holo + teca)

Technical and pedagogic union of the most significant and specialized collections of knowledge artifacts of mankind, with cosmoethical and universal coverage, in a permanent taxologic recycling of mentalsomatic garbage from the multicultural, multidimensional, multitemporal, multiexistential, holothosenic, holosomatic, holo-mnemonic, holobiographic, and holokarmic complex, in order to expand the leading-edge relative truths of conscientiology.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the research of collections or thecas in the Holotheca, the later being the megashowcase of universal knowledge - the library of libraries.

Holothosene (holo + tho +sen + e)

Holopensene (holo + pen + sen + e)

Set of aggregated or consolidated thosenes generating the extraphysical atmosphere of ideas, emotions, and energies of each consciousness, conscin, consciex, consreu, or group of consciousnesses.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the theorice of holosomatic homeostasis or the integrated, healthy, harmonic state of the holosoma, so that the conscin can live better and with greater efficiency in the execution of their proexis. It is a scientific subfield of holosomatology. Variant: homeostatics.



See homeostaticology.

Homo sapiens serenissimus

Homo sapiens serenissimus

Consciousness experiencing the full extent of the integral condition of lucid serenism. Synonym of the term: Serenissimus.

Homothosene (homo + tho + sen + e)

Homopensene (homo + pen + sen + e)

The thosene of telepathic emission and reception; the unit of measurement of telepathy, according to conscientiometrology.



Quality of maximum lucidity of the conscin attained through the recuperation of cons.

Hyperthosene (hyper + tho + sen + e)

Hiperpensene (hiper + pen + sen + e)

The heuristic thosene; the original idea of the discovery; the neophilic thosene; the unit of measurement of the invention, according to conscientiometrology.



From Greek, hipnos, sleep; and agogós, conductor. Transitional condition of the consciousness between the ordinary physical waking state and the state of natural sleep. It is an altered state of consciousness.



From Greek, hipnos, sleep; and pompikós, procession. Transitional condition between natural sleep and the physical waking state; the semi-asleep state which precedes the act of waking up, characterized by oneiric images, with auditory effects and hallucinatory visions which last until awakening. It is an altered state of consciousness.

Hypothosene (hypo + tho + sen + e)

Hipopensene (hipo + pen + sen + e)

The same as the protothosene or the phytothosene.


Immanent energy (IE)

Energia imanente (EI)

Primary, vibrational, essential, multiform, and impersonal energy diffused and dispersed throughout all the objects or realities of the universe, in an omnipotent manner. It remains untamed by the human consciousness, and is too subtle to be discovered and detected by technological instruments.

Impactotherapy (impact + therapy)

Impactoterapia (impacto + terapia)

Evolved therapeutic process employing cosmethical leading-edge relative truths as the medicine or a surgical technique to provoke a rational consciential mentalsomatic shock, of hetero-discernment in misoneistic, neophobic, haltered readers that compose the masses, constituted by sufferers of chronic robexis, generally led by anticosmoethical, autocratic, fanatic, dogmatic consciousnesses, defenders of absolute, ultra-orthodox, and fundamentalist truths, believing themselves to be the owners of the truth, or above all good and evil.

Incomplete couple

Casal incompleto

A pair composed by a man and a woman who do not actually compose an intimate couple or perform the complete sexual act, but nonetheless maintain strong affective ties.

Incomplexis (in + compl + exis)

Incompléxis (in + comple + exis)

Existential condition of a conscin with an incomplete existential program.

Innate retrocognitive agent

Agente retrocognitivo inato

The young former student of a recent preresomatic intermissive course, putting the existential inversion technique (invexis) into practice and applying all the learnings from daily intraphysical life, and simultaneously being able to trigger, through their presential strength and personal holothosene, memories of intermissive studies in other conscins from the same evolutionary group.

Integrated maturity

Maturidade integrada

State of more evolved consciential maturity, beyond biological or physical maturity, and mental or psychological maturity; holomaturity.

Inter vivos apparition

Aparição intervivos

Apparition of the consciousness of a projected human projector to conscins.



Living interconsciential, mutual assistance, based on reeducation by means of the clarification task (claritask), evolutionary intelligence (EI), cosmoethics, polykarmality, and the cosmic principle that “the less sick assist the more sick”.

Interconsciential climate

Clima interconsciencial

Condition of multi-understanding during an interconsciential encounter, established through an affinity of thosenes, particularly loaded with CEs or consciential energies.

Interconsciential deintrusion

Desassédio interconsciencial

Act of a consciousness removing the intrusion affecting another consciousness.Variant: heterodeintrusion.

Interconsciential intruder

Assediador interconsciencial

Consciouness exerting negative actions or the direct or indirect insistent persecution of another, by either disturbing, provoking or influencing them malevolently through waves of unhealthy thosenes (consciential ideas, emotions, and energies). Such a consciousness is generally a cosmoethically mutilated or conscientialy impaired consciousness.

Interconsciential intrusion

Assédio interconsciencial

Set of acts and signals in the intimacy and around two or more consciousnesses, with the aim to control or subjugate another by emitting, sometimes even in an unconscious way, their vampirizing energies. Variant: consciential intrusion.



Interaction, interrelation, or interconsciential communication between the intraphysical and extraphysical dimensions.



Quality of the intermissive period of a consciousness.

Intermissiology (inter + missio + logy)

Intermissiologia (inter + missio + logia)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies the period of intermission of the consciousness in evolution, situated between two lifetimes, within its multiexistential evolutionary cycle. It is a scientific subfield of extraphysicology.

Intermission (inter + mission)

Intermissão (inter + missão)

Extraphysical period of the consciousness between 2 of their personal human lives.

Intermissive course

Curso Intermissivo

Set of disciplines and theorical experiences administered to the consciex, after a certain evolutionary level, during the period of consciential intermission, within the cycle of personal existences. The objective of the intermissive course is consciential completism in the next human life.

Intermissive harvest

Colheita intermissiva

A practically compulsory, assistantial, interconsciential intermissive harvest offering through rapport, inspirations, interassistantial intuitions, suggestions, evolutionary neoideas or neoconstucts of concepts or reports from cosmoethical, evolutionary masterpieces, written in a previous intraphysical life by the author conscin, now, existing in the intermissive phase as a lucid, function specific helper consciex, to readers from future generations, the evokers, from the topics of the book or books.

Interplanetary transmigration

Transmigração interplanetária

Act or effect of being transmigrated, of being compulsorily exiled or banished from this planet to another. In this case, it refers to the extraphysical consciousness or transmigrated consreu.

Intraconsciential compensation

Compensação intraconsciencial

Conscientiometric technique based on the use of one’s maximum consciential attribute or most developed trait (strongtrait) to overcome the less developed consciential attributes (weaktraits) in one’s consciential microuniverse.

Intraconsciential recycling

Reciclagem intraconsciencial

See recin.



Quality of the specific intimate manifestations of the consciousness; the central megafocus of self-conscientiality.

Intraphysical assistant

Auxiliar em terra

The intraphysical guardian of the projector’s inactive human body, emptied of the consciousness during lucid projection.

Intraphysical consciousness

Consciência intrafísica

See conscin.

Intraphysical euphoria

Euforia intrafísica

See euphorin.

Intraphysical melancholy

Melancolia intrafísica

See melin.

Intraphysical restriction

Restringimento intrafísico

The imposed funelling of personal attributes of the consciousness reborn on Earth.

Intraphysical society

Sociedade intrafísica

See socin.



Condition of the intraphysical human life, or the conscin’s existence.

Intraphysicology (intra + physico + logy)

Intrafisicologia (intra + físico + logia)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies the relations and experiences of the conscin in this intraphysical or human dimension. It is a scientific subfield of holoresomatology.

Intrathosene (intra + tho + sen + e)

Intrapensene (intra + pen + sen + e)

Intraconsciential thosene of the conscin.



See interconsciential intruder.

Intrusive stigma

Estigma assediador

An always dramatic, generally pathological, failure or evolutionary defeat, usually stemming from consciential self-obsession that generates melin or melex. It often results in parapsychic accidents for oneself or those most close or loved consciousnesses.



Condition or level of unhealthy interconsciential thosenic intrusion. An anachronistic expression equivalent to obsession.



Quality of the execution of existential inversion. Variant: existential invertibility.

Invexis (inv + exis)

Invéxis (inv + exis)

Technique of existential inversion executed by a conscin.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the philosophy, technique, and practice of existential (human) inversion. It is a scientific subfield of intraphysicology.

Invisible Colleges of Conscientiology

Colégios Invisíveis da Conscienciologia

Group of researchers working in any line of conscientiological knowledge or specialty, seeking to produce leading-edge expertise. This is a multidimensional, informal, scientific community, with a consciential bond to the idea being researched and implemented in practice through efficient and effective communication, by means of regular meetings between its members.


Joint lucid projection (JLP)

Projeção consciente conjunta (PCC)

An experience outside of the human body in which two or more lucidly projected conscins simultaneously participate.




Chakra located in the region of the throat, responsible for human speech, voice timbre, intonation, and interconsciential communication in general. Outdated variant: throat chakra, laryngal chakra.

Locked existence

Existência trancada

Human existence without the occurrence of lucid projections (LPs); tropospheric human life with only vegetative, unconscious projections, characteristic of the evolutionary paracoma state; locked serial existence.

Looseness of the holochakra

Soltura do holochacra

See energosomatic looseness.

Lucid projectability (LPB)

Projetabilidade lúcida (PL)

Lucid, projective, paraphysiological quality of the consciousness, capable of discoincidence or taking the vehicles of manifestation out of the condition of alignment, including through the impulsion of the will power.

Lucid projection (LP)

Projeção consciente (PC)

Projection of the conscin out of the body. Variants: conscious projection, out-of-body experience; extracorporeal experience. Outdated variant: astral projection.

Lucidity-recollection binomial

Binômio lucidez-rememoração

Set of 2 indispensable conditions for the conscin to obtain a completely satisfactory lucid projection out of the body. Variant: lucidity-recall binomial.


Macrosoma (macro + soma)

Macrossoma (macro + soma)

Extraordinary or super-customized soma for the execution of a specific proexis existential programe, from the paragenetics, psychosomatics, and holomnemonics. The identification of the existence of a macrosoma is done through studying the genetics, paragenetics, physiology, anatomy, and personal predispositions related to the human body of the conscin.

Macrosomatics (macro + somatics)

Macrossomática (macro + somática)

See macrosomatology.

Macrosomatology (macro + somatology)

Macrossomatologia (macro + somatologia)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies the macrosoma, an extraordinary soma suited to the execution of a specific proexis. It is a scientific subfield of Somatology.Variant: macrosomatics.

Materthosene (mater + tho + sen + e)

Materpensene (mater + pen + sen + e)

The mother-idea or matrix for the complete development of a thesis, theory, or analysis; the leitmotif; the major pillar or – more relevant – the predominant thosene in a holothosene, be it personal (individual microuniverse), of a group (domestic), or institutional.

Maxienerspring (maxi + ener + spring)

Maxiprimener (maxi + prim + ener)

Condition of a prolonged or maximum energetic springtime. Variant: maxi energetic springtime.

Maxifraternity (maxi + fraternity)

Maxifraternidade (maxi + fraternidade)

Most evolved universalistic interconsciential condition, founded on the pure fraternity of a self-unforgiving and heteroforgiving consciousness, an inevitable goal in the evolution of every consciousness. Variant: megafraternity.

Maximorexis (maxi + mor + exis)

Maximoréxis (maxi + mor + exis)

Maximum existential moratorium. Condition of a larger existential morexis or one that comes to the completist conscin, in the quality of an add-on or addendum (on the basis of a surplus), with respect to the existential completion of their proexis; therefore, the execution of a super healthy, concluded, existential mandate. Variant: existential maximoratorium.

Maxiproexis (maxi + pro + exis)

Maxiproéxis (maxi + pro + exis)

Maximum wholesale proexis with the intent of executing the task in relation to the experience of universalism and maxifraternity, with a polykarmic basis. The maxiproexis essentially depends on the groupkarma (groupkarmality). Variant: maxi existential program

Maxithosene (maxi + tho + sen + e)

Maxipensene (maxi + pen + sen + e)

The thosene peculiar to the FCs or Free Consciousnesses.

Mega-attribute propellers of evolution

Mega-atributos propulsores da evolução

Consciential attributes capable of dynamizing the evolution of the consciousness:1. consciential openness (self-conscientiality); 2. multidimensional self-conscientization (projectiology); 3. self-deintrusion (depertology); 4. self-discernment (discernmentology); 5. self-research (experimentology); 6. self-organization (logicity); 7. cosmoethics (code of personal cosmoethics - CPC); 8. cosmovision (interactivity); 9. energetic control (energosomatics); 10. personal evolutionary register - PER (holobiography); 11. holomaturity (holomaturology); 12. evolutionary intelligence (evolutiology); 13. intentionality (intentionology); 14. interassistantiality (assistantiology); 15. neophilia (recexiology); 16. polykarmality (holokarmology); 17. principle of disbelief (CSO – cosmoethical skeptical optimist) 18. prioritization (continuistics); 19. self-thosenic rectitude (homeostatics); 20. will (volitionology).

Megaeuphorization (mega + euphorization)

Megaeuforização (mega + euforização)

Energetic state induced by the strong will of a consciousness, conscin or consciex, by means of a maximum exultation of consciential energies from one's energosphere or holosoma. This leads to the homeostatic apex of the intimate harmonization of one's consciential microuniverse and results in an inherent expansion of the consciousness, generating an aura of good-health, serenity, tranquility, universal fraternity, an apex of plenitude, and a self-predisposition for doing interassistantial work, all sponsored by the vibrational state (VS).

Megagoal (mega + goal)

Megameta (mega + meta)

The greatest objective of the consciousness’ self-evolution.

Megapower (mega + power)

Megapoder (mega + poder)

The evolved condition of the consciousness’ magnum cosmoethical lucidity.

Megastrongtrait (mega + strong + trait)

Megatrafor (mega + tra + for)

The maximum strong trait of the consciousness.

Megathosene (mega + tho + sen + e)

Megathosene (mega + tho + sen + e)

The same as orthothosene.

Megaweaktrait (mega + weak + trait)

Megatrafar (mega + tra + far)

The maximum weak trait of the consciousness.

Melex (mel + ex)

Melex (mel + ex)

Condition of extraphysical melancholy, or postsomatic or post-mortem melancholy. Variant: paramelancholy.

Melin (mel + in)

Melin (mel + in)

Condition of intraphysical melancholy or pre-mortem melancholy.

Mentalsoma (mental + soma)

Mentalsoma (mental + soma)

The parabody of discernment of the consciousness. Extraphysical tool of consciexes and conscins. Plural: mentalsomas. Variant: mental body.

Mentalsomatic cycle

Ciclo mentalsomático

The evolutionary cycle or course of the consciousness which begins with the newly attained condition of FC, or free consciousness, in which the psychosoma is definitively deactivated (third death) and the consciousness lives exclusively with the mentalsoma.

Mentalsomatic epicentrism

Epicentrismo mentalsomático

Act or effect of the intermissivist conscin theorically exercising parapsychic parabrain leadership with the purpose of deintruding (Neothosenology) and producing neoverponogenic (Hyperthosenology) claritaskal interassistance (Benignothosenology).

Mentalsomatics (mental + somatics)

Mentalsomática (mental + somática)

See mentalsomatology.

Mentalsomatology (mental + somatology)

Mentalsomatologia (mental + somatologia)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies the mentalsoma (the parabody of discernment) and its evolutionary consequences for the consciousness. It is a scientific subfield of holosomatology.Variant: mentalsomatics.

Mini energetic springtime

Mini primavera energética

See minienerspring.


Miniprimener (mini + prim + ener)

Condition of a minimal or ephemeral energetic springtime. Variant: mini energetic springtime.

Minimorexis (mini + morexis)

Minimoréxis (mini + mor + exis)

Condition of a smaller scale existential moratorium or one that comes to the incompletist conscin in order to make up for their holokarmic deficit (deficit based) or to conclude the condition of complexis with respect to their proexis; therefore the completion of a still unconcluded existential mandate. Variant: existential mini-moratorium.

Miniproexis (mini + proexis)

Miniproéxis (mini + pro + exis)

Minimal, retail like, existential program, or one with the objective of executing a minimal, still groupkarmic, and not polykarmic, task. Variant: mini existential program.

Minithosene (mini + tho + sen + e)

Minipensene (mini + pen + sen + e)

The thosene specific to a child, sometimes due to the brain still being in development.

Mnemonic intrusion

Intrusão mnemônica

Collision of an intrusive memory from a consciex on the cerebral memory of a conscin (paramnesia).

Mnemosoma (mnemo + soma)

Mnemossoma (mnemo + soma)

The soma specifically considered with respect to all the consciousness’ memories in all its forms.

Mnemosomatics (mnemo + somatics)

Mnemossomática (mnemo + somática)

See mnemosomatology.

Mnemosomatology (mnemo + somatology)

Mnemossomatologia (mnemo + somatologia)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies and researches the soma, specifically in relation to intrasomatic memories, spanning from the cerebral memory or basic biomemory of the human being, up to the point of reaching the holomemory. It is a scientific subfield of mentalsomatology. Variant: mnemosomatics.

Monothanatosis (mono + thanatos)

Monotanatose (mono + tanatose)

The same as desoma; first death. Plural: monothanatoses.

Monothosene (mono + tho + sen + e)

Monopensene (mono + pen + sen + e)

The repetitive thosene; mono-ideism; a fixed idea; mental echo; rethosene.

Morexis (mor + exis)

Moréxis (mor + exis)

Condition of an existential moratorium, or complement to the intraphysical life, given to certain consciousnesses based on their holokarmic merit. The morexis can be based on a deficit - smaller - minimorexis; or a surplus - larger - maximorexis, with respect to the results of the existential program. Variant: existential moratorium.

Morphothosene (morpho + tho + sen + ene)

Morfopensene (morfo + pen + sen + ene)

The thought or set of thoughts when united and expressing themselves in some manner, as a form. The accumulation of morphothosenes composes the consciousnesses’ holothosene. Outdated variant: thought-form.

Multicomplexis (multi + compl + exis)

Multicompléxis (multi + compl + exis)

Existential multicompletism or complexis obtained through the execution of various existential programs (proexis) in diverse, consecutive, intraphysical lives (seriexology). Variant: existential multicompletism.

Multidimensional self-awareness (MS)

Autoconscientização multidimensional (AM)

Condition of mature lucidity of the conscin with respect to life in the evolved state of multidimensionality, attained through LP, or lucid projection. Variant: multidimensional self-conscientization.

Multiexistential cycle

Ciclo multiexistencial

The system or condition of continuous alternating cycles, at our average evolutionary level, of a period of intraphysical rebirth (seriexis) followed by an extraphysical or intermissive period, post somatic deactivation.


Near death experience (NDE)

Experiência da Quase Morte (EQM)

Involuntary or forced projective occurrence experienced by the human consciousness in critical human circumstances. The NDE is common among terminal patients, dying patients, and survivors of clinical death.

Neophilia (neo + philia)

Neofilia (neo + filia)

Easy adaptation of the conscin to new situations, things, and occurrences. The opposite is neophobia.

Neothosene (neo + tho + sen + e)

Neopensene (neo + pen + sen + e)

The thosene of the conscin when it manifests through new synapses or interneuronial connections, capable of creating recin or intraconsciential recycling; the unit of measurement of consciential renovation, according to conscientiology or more appropriately conscientiometrology.



Thosenic trail or register of negative acts imprinted in the personal psychosphere of the unhealthy conscin and in more frequently visited environments, generated and maintained by the conscin's anti-evolutionary behaviors and anticosmoethical actions towards themselves (self-intrusion), and/or towards other consciousnesses (hetero-intrusion, groupkarmic interprison).



Chackra located in the nape of the neck. Responsible for couplings between conscins and consciexes. Variant: nuchal chakra.


Omisuper (omi + super)

Omissuper (omi + super)

Superavitary omission. Exceptional personal or group behaviour to prophylactically avoid, in a conscious and self-determined manner, an anti-evolutionary or anticosmoethical action, in this case explicitly going in the counterflow of the still pathological socin, being against mouldy traditionalisms, folklores, myths, ancient sympathies, superstitions, and cultural idiotisms in force.

Orgastic aura

Aura orgástica

From Latin, aura, breath of air. Energosomatic energy of the facies sexualis of the man or woman at the exact moment of orgasm or climax of the sexual act. Variant: orgasmic aura.

Orthothosene (ortho + tho + sen + e)

Ortopensene (orto + pen + sen + e)

The thosene that is correct or cosmoethical, pertaining to consciential holomaturity. According to conscientiometrology it is the unit of measurement of practical cosmoethics.




Secondary chakras located in the palms of the hands, responsible for the exteriorization of consciential energies (CEs). Variant: palm chakras.



Sophisticated, comprehensive, multimodal, parapsychic writing.



Prefix that means beyond or beside, as in parabrain. It also means extraphysical in the context of conscientiology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the anatomy transcending intraphysicality, considering the vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness, excluding the human body (soma). It is a scientific subfield of holosomatology.Variant: para-anatomy.



See para-anatomology.



See para-anesthesiology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies techniques of anesthesia that transcend the resources of intraphysicality, by using parapsychism. It is a scientific subfield of parasurgeriology (conscientiotherapeuticology). Variant:para-anesthesia.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the asepsis that transcends the resources of intraphysicality, through the use of parapsychism. It is a scientific subfield of parasurgeriology (conscientiotherapeuticology). Variant: para-asepsis.



See para-asepsiology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the origin, nature, and value of understanding and producing multidimensional scientific knowledge.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies living beings in their multidimensional and multivehicular relationships. It is a scientific subfield of experimentology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the manifestation of consciential principles in their primary condition as plants or paraflora. It is a scientic subfield of parabiology. Variant: parabotany.



See parabotanicology.



Extraphysical brain of the psychosoma of the consciousness in the extraphysical state (consciex), intraphysical (conscin) and projected state.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the chronology of the manifestations of consciousnesses beyond intraphysicality, aiming also at other consciential dimensions, holobiographies, and multidimensionality. It is a scientific subfield of holoresomatology.



See paracicatrizationology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the healing that transcends the resources of intraphysicality, through parapsychism. It is a scientific subfield of parasurgeriology. Variant: paracicatrization.



See paraclinicology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the clinical practice or the care of sick patients beyond intraphysicality, through parapsychism. It is a scientific subfield of conscientiotherapeuticology. Variant: paraclinic.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study of genetics that is inherited by a consciousness from itself. Such genetics relate to all the consciousness´ innate traits and temperament, which left their mark from past lives on the conscin’s psychosoma and mentalsoma (holosomatics) until the present day. Variant: paragenetics.



The genetics related to the consciousness’ inheritances, through the psychosoma, from lives prior to the human embryo. Also see parageneticology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the description of the paratroposphere, including its parageographic accidents and extraphysical environments, as well as the relationships between this environment and the transient autochthonous parapopulation. It is a scientific subfield of extraphysicology. Variant: parageography.



The geography describing extraphysical paratropospheric environments including parageographic accidents, extraphysical communities, and the relation between these and their parapopulation.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study, through parapsychism, of the hemostasis that transcends intraphysical resources. It is a scientific subfield of parasurgeriology (conscientiotherapeuticology). Variant: parahemostasis.



See parahemostasiology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the history of the consciousness and the cosmos, beyond the autobiography of a conscin’s current human life, and human history, in a multidimensional manner through extraphysicology, retrocognitions, and lucid consciential projectability. It is a scientific subfield of parachronology.



See parahistoriology.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the studies and research of Paralaw and Paraduty, based on self-lucidy and discernment, the cosmoethic multidimensional behaviour of a consciousness, and the theatic dissemination of new advanced sciences and realities such as: the World State and parapoliticology, paradiplomacy, and holophylosophy.



Consciex with the visual appearance of a man or a projected male conscin. Outdated variant: male spiritual entity.



Miniaturized, energetic parapiece implanted or built in to the parencephalo of the conscin's macrosoma, related to the paracerebellum, during the preresomatic period, capable of performing more or less complex interactive functions, notably the intensification of one's consciential energies (CEs) acting in telepathy, insights between the conscin and different consciex-helpers, assisting in greater assess to Extraphysical Central or personal paraprovenance (paraprovenanciology).



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the parabrain and its relationships with the physical brain, the nervous system, and the other vehicles of the holosoma. It is a scientific subfield of psychosomatology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the pathology of the consciousness’ vehicles of manifestation, or holosoma (energosoma, psychosoma, mentalsoma), excluding the human body (soma). It is a scientific subfield of holosomatology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies philosophy of education, and pedagogy, beyond the resources of intraphysicality, through lucid multidimensionality, projectability of the human consciousness, and its consequences in human life. It is a scientific subfield of communicology. Variant: parapedagogy.



See parapedagogiology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the consciousness’ paraperceptions, beyond perceptions restricted to the human body (soma), its phenomena and evolutionary consequences. It is a scientific subfield of paraphenomenology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the human consciousness’ parapsychic manifesta­tions, whether of subjective origin (intraconsciential) or ambivalent/objective origin (perceptible to the external world), through the application of the holosoma and mobilization of consciential energies. It is a subfield of paraphysiology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the functions of the consciousness’ vehicles of manifestation or holosoma (energosoma, psychosoma, mentalsoma), excluding the human body (soma). It is a scientific subfield of holosomatology.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the studies of the multidimensional connections envisaging the administration of evolutionary groups by an epicon focused on incorporating the many consciential minipieces in such a way they can perform their individual and group proexes. It is a scientific subfield of parasociology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the prophylaxis transcending the limits of intraphysicology, to prevent mistakes and inconveniences to the consciousness in every dimension in which they manifest. It is a scientific subfield of paraclinicology (conscientiotherapeuticology).



See paraprophylaxiology.



Unique, personal extraphysical base, where each intraphysical consciousness (conscin) comes from, prior to resoma, during the preresomatic period while an extraphysical consciousness (consciex). Variants: extraphysical hometown, self-paraorigin, paraorigin, paraprocedence.

Parapsychic accident

Acidente parapsíquico

Physical or psychological disturbance caused by sick energetic, interconsciential influences, generally of extraphysical or multidimensional origins.

Parapsychic dynamic

Dinâmica parapsíquica

Group activity held at a set time and place, generally weekly, aimed at developing lucid parapsychism, consciential epicentrism, self and heterodeintrusion, consciential hyperacuity, and theorical multidimensional interassistantiality, by using bioenegetic techniques under the responsibility of an epicenter.

Parapsychic self-inheritance

Auto-herança parapsíquica

Action of inheriting or acquiring through self-relay, from one human life to the next, one's entire consciential patrimony regarding paraperceptive attributes, including the most evolved ones acquired in this present existence.

Parapsychic self-lucidity

Autolucidez parapsíquica

Condition, quality, or lucid state of comprehensiveness, depth, and/or clear, objective, and acute personal ingenious penetration of self-conscientiality, or evolutionary intelligence, as regards the use of content from multiple modalities of paraperception with the rational and theorical identification of parafacts or paraphenomena occuring within the universe of consciential multidimensionality.

Parapsychic signal

Sinalética parapsíquica

Existence, identification and self-conscious use of personal, animic, parapsychic, energetic signals that every conscin possesses. Variant: parapsychic signage, parapsychic signaletic.

Parapsychic tare

Tara parapsíquica

Condition or talent of the lucid, paraperceptive, sensitive conscin able to withstand, act or have an individual structure that can bear the load of the presence and strength of pressure generated by still pathologically assisted consciexes, conseneres, conscious and unconscious intruders, vampires, and the needy, without assimilating unsympathetic consciential energies or generating disturbance in themselves.



Energetic (IE and CE), animic and parapsychic perceptions, beyond normopsychism, bradypsychism, or tachypsychism, or the consciousness’ ordinary reasoning in the ordinary physical waking state or when in the multidimensionality.

Parapsychophysical repercussions

Repercussões parapsicofísicas

Reactions between two vehicles of consciential manifestation, during the act of coming into contact with one another. This applies to the different vehicles of a consciousness, or between similar vehicles of two or more consciousnesses. Such repercussions can be intraphysical or extraphysical.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the anatomical and/or functional regeneration of a consciousness’ vehicles of manifestation, or the holosoma, even beyond the human body, including parahealing and paratransfigurations. It is a scientific subfield of paraphysiology.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study of the techniques, assistantial maximechanism, and effects of multidimensional reurbanizations (reurbex and reurbin) on this planet. It is a scientific subfield of assistantiology.

Parasanitary encapsulation

Encapsulamento parassanitário

Temporary assistantial isolation and energetic annulment of thosenic manifestations of one or more sick conscins or consciexes – notably energetic, intrusive, or related to intrusion. It is analogous to the sanitary isolation that exists in hospitals for the treatment of patients with infectious and contagious diseases or high levels of radioactivity or toxic contamination. Variant: consciential encapsulation.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies and identifies parasymptomology, verbal and non-verbal parasignals, and multidimensional consciential interrelations, which reveal disturbances or parapathologies of the holosomatic, integral consciousness, by using parapsychism and paraperceptiology. It is a scientific subfield of paraclinicology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies and researches techniques and practices of conscientiological socin and sociexes or extraphysical societies, and its respective consequences in the human, extraphysical, or projected life. It is a scientific subfield of holoresomatology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies surgery beyond intraphysical resources of intraphysicality or parasurgery, through parapsychism (paraperceptiology). It is a scientific subfield of conscientiotherapeuticology. Variant: parasurgery.



See parasurgeriology



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study of the consciousness technology, based on the approach of the "entire" personality and its consequences, employing every methodology pertaining to the expansion of a conscin’s self-knowledge, including, general projective techniques. It is a scientific subfield of extraphysicology.

Paratherapeutic self-criticism

Autocriticidade paraterapêutica

The quality, property, and talent of the conscin with a detailed, cosmoethical, authentic, and cosmovisiological self-evaluation and self-analysis of their own consciential reality, being an indispensable condition for the planning of self-confrontational actions aimed at functional homeostasis.



See paratherapeuticology.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study of therapeutics or the treatment of pathological disturbances as developed by conscientiotherapy. It is a scientific subfield of paraclinicology. Variant: paratherapeutics.

Parathosene (para + tho + sen + e)

Parapensene (para + pen + sen + e)

Thosene specific to a consciex or extraphysical conciousness.



Consciex with the visual appearance of a woman or a projected female conscin. Outdated variant: female spiritual entity.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the manifestation of consciential principles in the condition of subhuman animals, or parafauna. A scientific subfield of parabiology.

Pathothosene (patho + tho + sen + e)

Patopensene (pato + pen + sen + e)

Pathological thosene or consciential insanity; mental peccadillo; pathological will; sick intention; cerebral rumination. Variant: oneirothosene.

Penta (p + en + ta)

Tenepes (t + ene + pes)

Multidimensional, daily, personal, energetic task that consists of a technical transmission of consciential energies, or CEs, by a conscin with the permanent assistance of helpers, directly to consciexes, projected conscins, or conscins in the ordinary physical waking state. The practitioner of penta receives continuous assistance from the helpers on a long-term basis or for the rest of their life. Outdated variants: passes to the dark; passes-to-the-void.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the specific, systematic, and theorical study and research of a penta practitioner’s experiences.It aims to improve the penta practitioner as well as disseminate this advanced energetic practice more widely. It is a subfield of assistantiology.

Personal energosphere

Energosfera pessoal

Aura, from Latin aura, blow of air; a field of unknown nature with some magnetic characteristics and a luminous appearance to sensitives, consciexes, and projected conscins, visible on certain occasions with colors likely linked to the field’s energy and the activities and thoughts of the realities involved. For example: living beings, men, women, children, fetuses, animals, plants, minerals, physical objects, and even consciexes (self-luminosity).

Personal evolutionary record (PER)

Ficha evolutiva pessoal (FEP)

Extraphysical record or ordered set of the most intimate and detailed information of essential thosenic manifestations concerning the self-experiences or microuniverse of any consciential principle. This record is the responsibility of, and is always being updated or paratechnologically filled in by the groupkarma´s evolutiologist or extraphysical evolutionary orientor.

Personal experience (PE)

Vivência pessoal (VP)

Practical, personal, direct, and non-transferable experimentation of the conscin along their evolutionary path.

Personal principles

Princípios pessoais

Set of values and initiatives chosen by the consciousness to guide their consciential life. It is based on holomaturity, multidimensionality, and deeply experienced cosmoethics.

Phenomena concomitant to LP

Fenômeno concomitante à PC

That which occurs in or out of the space-time continuum, however simultaneously with development of the experience of conscious projection, in a spontaneous and unexpected fashion.

Physical base

Base física

Safe place, chosen by the conscin to leave the inanimate or resting body, while projecting themselves into other consciential dimensions beyond the body. It is the projectiogenic holothosene in the home and presents a direct relation to: the energetically shielded bedroom, penta, an epicon, extraphysical clinic, projectarium, precognitarium, and retrocognitarium.



Immanent energy (IE) from plants and vegetables.

Phytothosene (phyto + tho + sen + e)

Fitopensene (fito + pen + sen + e)

Rudimentary thosene of a plant; the lexical unit of a plant, according to conscientiology.



Secondary chakras located in the soles of our feet, responsible for the absorption of geoenergy (telluric or Earth energy). Outdated variant: pre-kundalini, sole chakras.

Podosoma (podo + soma)

Podossoma (podo + soma)

The soma considered specifically with respect to the application of the feet, or work performed with the feet, for example, that of a soccer player.

Polykarma (poly + karma)

Policarma (poli + carma)

Principle of cause and effect, acting on the evolution of a consciousness, when centred in a sense and experience of cosmic maxifraternity, beyond egokarma and groupkarma.



The most evolved condition in holokarmology, besides egokarmality and groupkarmality, when a consciousness has their focus on lucid interconsciential assistance in a spontaneous, cosmoethical, and intense way, placing this undertaking as the reason for the existence of evolution itself, and producing consciential gestations and multiexistential self-relays, hence becoming a lucid minipiece in the structure of the multidimensional assistantial maximechanism.

Polykarmology (poly + karmo + logy)

Policarmologia (poli + carma + logia)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies the relationships or principles of cause and effect active in the evolution of the consciousness, when centered in the understanding and experience of cosmic maxifraternity, beyond egokarma and groupkarma. It is a scientific subfield of holokarmology.

Postsomatic intermission

Intermissão pós-somática

Extraphysical period of the consciousness immediately after their somatic deactivation or desoma (death).



Initial preliminary condition of practical human sexuality within intraphysical society.

Pre-intraphysical mandate

Mandato pré-intrafísico

Existential program for the human life planned before the intraphysical rebirth of the consciousness; proexis.



Secondary chakra located on the soles of the feet. An outdated variant in conscientiology.See plantochackra.



Conscin or consciex who does not yet live with lucid serenism.

Pre-somatic intermission

Intermissão pré-somática

The extraphysical period of the consciousness prior to their intraphysical rebirth.



Physical base technically prepared for the production of precognitive LPs (lucid projections).

Primothosene (primo + tho + sen + e)

Primopensene (primo + pen + sen + e)

The same as the primary cause of the universe; the first composed thought. There is no plural form for this noun.

Principle of Disbelief

Princípio da descrença

Fundamentable and unsubstitutionable proposition by which conscientiology approaches reality in general, the cosmos, and any dimension. It refuses to permit a researcher to present any concept without practical proof or deep reflection, confronting causation, logic, and personal reasoning, or in an a priori, dogmatic way.The aforementioned principle is “Don’t believe in anything. Not even in what you hear at conscientiological institutions. Experiment. Have your own personal experiences.”

Proexis (pro + exis)

Proéxis (pro + exis)

Personal evolutionary existential program of the conscin, established in the extraphysical dimension before the conscin becomes restricted by human life, or the intraphysicality of being reborn. Variant: pre-intraphysical mandate.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study and research of aconscin’s personal and group existential program, and its evolutionary effects.



Physical base technically prepared for the production of LPs.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies projectiologic critique stemming from self and hetero-evaluation of psychic, energetic, and multidimensional performances. It is a scientific subfield of projectiology. Variant: projectiocritique.



See projectiocriticology.



Speciality of conscientiology that technically studies all projectiological records. It is a scientific subfield of projectiology. Variant: projectiography.



See projectiographology.



From Latin, projectio, projection; from Greek, logos, treatise. Speciality of conscientiology that studies the projections of the consciousness and its effects, including the projection of CEs from the holosoma. It is a scientific subfield of communicology (interdimensionality).



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the depurations and therapies derived from the research and techniques of projectiology. It is a scientific subfield of paraclinicology (conscientiotherapeuticology). Variant: projectiotherapy.



See projectiotherapeuticology.

Projective mental target

Alvo mental projetivo

Predetermined goal that the conscin tries to achieve, when lucid outside the soma, through their will, intention, mentalisation, and decision.

Projective phenomenon

Fenômeno projetivo

Parapsychic occurence specific to the context of projectiology research.

Projective recess

Recesso projetivo

The existential phase of the conscin characterized by the spontaneous cessation – almost always temporary – of lucid projective experiences, within a sequence of intensive experiments.

Protothosene (proto + tho + sen+ e)

Protopensene (proto + pen + sen + e)

The most rudimentary thosene; same as phytothosene or hypothosene.

Psychosoma (psycho + soma)

Psicossoma (psico + soma)

From Greek, psyckhé, soul; soma, body. The emotional parabody of the consciousness; the objective body of the conscin. Variants: body of emotions; metasoma. Outdated variants: astral body; emotional body.

Psychosomatic intrusion

Intrusão psicossomática

Invasion of one consciousness by another through emotionality, or through the psychosoma.

Psychosomatics (psycho + somatics)

Psicossomática (psico + somática)

See psychosomatology.

Psychosomatology (psycho + somatology)

Psicossomatologia (psico + somatologia)

Speciality of conscientiology that studies the emotions of the consciousness stemming from the psychosoma, the emotional parabody. It is a scientific subfield of holosomatology. Variant: psychosomatics.


Rare friendship

Amizade raríssima

The elevated and unique true feeling, reciprocal affection, sympathy, esteem, or tenderness between consciousnesses, in which the attraction of mentalsomatic conviviality, or from the parabody of self-discernment, exceeds the attraction through common affective interaction, at an evolutionary level beyond the links of family ties or sexual attraction.



The quality of the intraphysical execution of existential recycling (recexis). Variant: existential recyclability.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study of the philosophy and practice of recexis, or existential recycling technique in the intraphysicaldimension, starting with recin, or intraconsciential recycling.

Recexis (rec + exis)

Recéxis (rec + exis)

Technique of existential recycling performed by a conscin. It consists of a change for the better of the entire course of a conscin’s human life and perspective, who from then on adopts new values and a new overview of life and the universe.

Recin (rec + in)

Recin (reci + in)

Technique of intraconsciential recycling or brain regeneration of the human consciousness (conscin) through the creation of new synapses or interneuronal connections (neuroglia), capable of allowing for an adjustment of the proexis, the execution of recexis, invexis, acquisition of new ideas, neothosenes, hyperthosenes and other neophilic conquests by a self-motivated lucid person.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study of the philosophy and practice of recin, or intraconsciential recycling .It is based onthosenic intraconscientialrenewal and the conscin’s intention, with the aim of self-evolution.

Resoma (re + soma)

Ressoma (re + soma)

Somatic or intraphysical rebirth.



See resomaticology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the somatic rebirth of the consciex when passing into the temporary condition of a conscin, or when leaving extraphysicality for intraphysicality. It is a scientific subfield of intraphysicology. Variant: resomatics.

Rethosene (re + tho + sen + e)

Repensene (re + pen + sen + e)

The repeated thosene. The same as monothosene, fixed idea or monoideism.

Retrocognitarium (retro + cognit + arium)

Retrocognitarium (retro + cognit + arium)

The physical base technically prepared for the production of retrocognitive LPs.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study and experience of retrocognitions, or the recall of past lives and the periods between them, as well as of retrosomas (self-retrocognitions).This speciality aims to be a source of self-research and deeper self-knowledge, so that one can better understand innate ideas coming from the resomated consciousness´ holomemory.



From Latin, retro, rear; cognoscere, to know. The perceptive faculty through which the conscin becomes aware of facts, scenes, forms, objects, successes, and experiences belonging to the distant past, commonly related to their holomemory. Outdated variant: past life memory.

Retrocognitor agent

Agente retrocognitor

The educator consciousness able to revive, without hypnosis, with self and heterocriticism, the holomemory of the mentalsomas of graduate students of pre-resomatic intermissive courses enabling the emergence, in the present, of pre-curricular science, innate ideas generated in the intermissive period and maintained against the biological and genetic restriction of the resoma, by parageneticology, by liberating information offered through exemplary personal acts, conduct, behaviour and attitudes.

Retrothosene (retro + tho + sen + e)

Retropensene (retro + pen + sen + e)

The thosene specific to self retrocognitions; the same as an engram in mnemotechnique; the unit of measurement of retrocognitions, according to conscientiometrology.

Reurbanized consciousness

Consciência reurbanizada

See consreu.



Extraphysical reurbanization. Change for the better of anticosmoethical unhealthy degraded environments and extraphysical communities. This process is sponsored by Serenissimi for the purpose of sanitizing the intraphysical holothosene of areas where conscins under these anti-evolutionary and harmful influence live.



Intraphysical reurbanization. It is a change for the better of intraphysical environments and communities, through the reorganization of degraded, deprived or pathological urban areas, eliminating ghettos and stigmatised environments, and providing the region with infrastructure and building restoration, that improve the physical, environmental, and social quality of the place. This results in an improvement in the neighbourhood’s quality of life, and consequently in its overall self-esteem. It sometimes has the effect of generating urban ecological or cultural tourism, migration of people, and in particular, creating new opportunities for recin and recex.

Robexis (rob + exis)

Robéxis (rob + exis)

Existential robotization; the condition of a tropospheric conscin, excessively intraphysically or quadridimensionally enslaved.




The quality of the level of self-knowledge the consciousness has; megaknowledge; self-cognition.



Self-criticophilia is the stance of the lucid consciousness predisposed to healthy, constructive self-confrontation, built on self-discernment, homeostatic openness, and cosmoethical value, regarding continuous self-research and useful heterocriticism.



Condition of a conscin being emotionally, intellectually, and energetically predisposed to thosenically intrude upon themselves with pathological persistence, without consciential hygiene nor ideated self-discipline, thus constituting the basis for all types of heterointrusion.



The consciential quality of existential self-mimicry.



Progressive holosomatic self-paraimmunization, obtained through the energosoma, experienced in a lucid way by a veteran parapsychic conscin, particularly by an ectoplast, resulting from new daily requests for the fraternal, interassistantial work of deintrusion. This condition permits a veteran parapsychic to reach depertological and cosmoethical self-paraimmunity, due to their increasing self-imperturbability in the presence of toxic consciential energies (CEs) and/or pathological holothosenes.



The intentional, or provoked by the will, exit of a conscin into another consciential dimension through the mentalsoma or psychosoma.



See consciential self-relay.

Self-thosene (self + tho + sen + e)

Autopensene (auto + pen + sen + e)

The thosene of the consciousness itself, specific and different from all others and from all thosenes from other consciousnesses.

Self-thosenic rubbish

Bagulho autopensênico

Pathological, regressive, and anticosmoethical thosene of an incautious consciousness. Variant: self-thosenic knick-knack.



The mechanism of incessant expression of a consciousness in all their manifestations and in any consciential dimension.



Condition of the evolved consciousness able to express lucid love and megafraternity towards all members of humanity and parahumanity, regardless of their somatic gender, and beyond sexual instincts. This occurs due to the dominance of the parabody of discernment, the mentalsoma, over the sub-body of commotion, the psychosoma.



The conscin who, in their self-discipline, does not forgive themselves with respect to errors and omissions, with the purpose of eliminating conscious self-corruptions. This healthy condition should come before the equally healthy condition of being a heteroforgiver, a sincere, universal forgiver of all beings, forever. This is a basic principle of maxifraternity.

Semi-lucid projection

Projeção semiconsciente (PSC)

Oneiric experience in which the projected conscin realizes they are partially lucid, in an uncontrolled fashion. It is not the ideal conscious projection; a lucid dream.

Sense of universalism

Senso universalista

Intimate consciential condition of reconciliation and pure compatibility with all beings and realities in the Cosmos, maintaining a state of already identified lucid awareness with the universal community and the full awakening of maximum universalism, in an irreversible and peaceful way.



The popular name for Homo sapiens serenissimus. Plural: serenissimi.

See Homo sapiens serenissimus.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the Homo sapiens serenissimus, their traits, characteristics, and evolutionary repercussions. It is a scientific subfield of conscientiometry (holomaturology).



Quality of the consciousness subjected to serial existences or the succession of human lives.

Seriexis (seri + exis)

Seriéxis (seri + exis)

The consciousness’ evolutionary existential seriation; successive existences; the series of intraphysical rebirths. Intraphysical human life. Variant: existential seriation. Outdated variant: reincarnation.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study and research of seriexis,or existential seriality, being the set of intraphysical lives of a consciousness, based on the consciential paradigm.

Sexochakra (sexo + chakra)

Sexochacra (sexo + chacra)

The sexual or basic root chakra of the conscin. Outdated variants: sex chakra, kundalini (the serpentine fire).

Sexosoma (sexo + soma)

Sexossoma (sexo + soma)

The soma when considered specifically in relation to its sex. Outdated variant: kundalini.



See sexosomatology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the soma as regards its sex, or sexosoma, and its relationship to the conscin. It is a scientific subfield of somatics. Variant: sexosomatology. Variant: sexosomatics.

Sexothosene (sexo + tho + sen + e)

Sexopensene (sexo + pen + sen + e)

The sexual fantasy, according to sexosomatology and conscientiometrology; it is the unit of measurement of mental adultery.

Shielded chamber

Alcova blindada

See energetic shielded chamber.

Silver cord

Cordão de prata

The semimaterial or energetic link that keeps the psychosoma connected to the human body, with an initial connection in the psychosoma and another in the soma.



The natural resting state in humans and higher animals specifically characterized by the normal and periodic suppression of regular perceptual activity and voluntary movements, by relaxing the senses and muscles, through the reduction of circulatory and respiratory frequencies, and even dream activity, during which the body recovers from fatigue.

Sociex (soci + ex)

Sociex (soci + ex)

Extraphysical society or of the consciexes. Plural: sociexes.

Socin (soc + in)

Socin (soci + in)

Intraphysical society or of the conscins; human society. Plural: socins.



Human body, the body of the individual belonging to Kingdom: Animalia, Branch: Chordata, Class: Mammalia, Order: Primates, Family: Hominidae, Genus: Homo, Species: Homo sapiens, the most elevated level of animal on this planet; in spite of being the most rustic, exposed, vehicle of the conscin’s holosoma.



See somatology.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies the soma (human body) within the holosoma, or in relation to the consciousness’ other vehicles of manifestation, within its multidimensional evolution. It is a scientific subfield of holosomatology. Variant: somatics.



Chakra located in the abdomen region which together with the abdominal umbilicochakra composes the abdomincal sub-brain, responsible for intense absorptions of energy. Outdated variants: spleen chackra, splenical chakra, splenochakra.

State of suspended animation

Estado de animação suspensa

State in which a conscin temporarily suspends the cellular body’s essential vital functions, later returning to the normal physiological condition. In certain cases no damage to the individual’s health occurs. The cells survive in a state of human metabolic hibernation.


Trafor (tra + for)

A strong point or trait of a conscin’s personality; a positive component in the structure of one’s consciential universe that propels the consciousness’ evolution.

Subthosene (sub + thosene)

Subpensene (sub + pen + sen + ene)

Thosene charged with consciential energy from the abdominal sub-brain, most notably energy from the umbilicochakra; the unit of measurement of the abdominal sub-brain, according to conscientiometrology.

Superavitary omission

Omissão superavitária

See omisuper.

Symas (sym + as)

Assim (as + sim)

Sympathetic assimilation of CEs, or consciential energies, through the will power, usually with the decoding of the set of thosenes of another consciousness or consciousnesses.


Desassim (des + assim)

Sympathetic deassimilation of CEs, practiced through the impulse of the willpower, normally through the VS or vibrational state.

Sympathetic assimilation

Assimilação simpática

See symas.

Sympathetic deassimilation

Desassimilação simpática

See symdeas.


Telethosene (tele + tho + sen + e)

Telepensene (tele + pen + sen + e)

See homothosene.

Theorice (theory + ice)

Teática (te + ática)

Experience of both theory (1%) and practice (99%) on the part of the conscin or consciex.



Action of producing or generating thosenes.



Result or effect of the consciousness generating thosenes.



Instrument with which the consciousness manifests thoughts and acts. In the specific case of a conscin, the thosenator is the soma.

Thosene (tho + sen + e)

Pensene (pen + sen + e)

According to conscientiology, the practical unit of manifestation of the consciousness, which considers the thought or idea (conception), sentiment or emotion, and CE (consciential energy) all together and indissociably.

Thosenic intrusion

Intrusão pensênica

Invasion of one consciousness by another through the mentalsoma.

Thosenic signature

Assinatura pensênica

Capacity of the consciousness, conscin or consciex, to exteriorize to others, or to communicate to the Cosmos, their own thosenic manifestations, intentionality, self-determination, or self-positioning in relation to the reality and parareality of facts and parafacts, in life or in experiences of consciential evolution. Variants: self-expression; self-communicability.



The quality of someone’s thosenic consciousness.



Speciality of conscientiology that studies thosenes (thoughts, sentiments, and energies), thosenity, and the consciousness’ thosenators, their paraphysiology and parapathology. Thosenology refers to the concept (theory) and the substratum (practice) on which conscientiology is based.



Deactivation and discarding of the psychosoma by the consciousness. Homo sapiens serenissimus entering the condition of free consciex (FC). Variant: third desoma. Plural: trithanatose.

Trivocabular megathosene

Megapensene trivocabular

Technique of elaboration of the maximum synthesis of a subject’s content within the minimum form, in a 3 word mini-sentence.


Umbilicochakra (umbilico + chakra)

Umbilicochacra (umbilico + chacra)

Chakra located above the navel. Related to the (abdominal) physiology and paraphysiology of the human consciousness. Variant: umbilical-chakra.



Set of ideas derived from the universality of the basic laws of nature and the universe. As a result of our natural evolution, universalism inevitably becomes the dominant philosophy of the consciousness; cosmism.


Vehicle of the consciousness

Veículo da consciência

Instrument or body that enables the consciousness to manifest in intraphysicality (conscin) and in other extraphysical dimensions (projected conscin and consciex).

Verbaction (verb + action)

Verbação (verb + ação)

Coherent interaction between what is said and done by a consciousness; result of one’s words being ratified by one's actions.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study and experience of verbaction or of the verb-action binomial in a consciousness’ consciential manifestation, along with its evolutionary and cosmoethical consequences. It aims for the maximum possible coherence between what one thinks, talks, and acts within one’s own consciential manifestation.



Leading edge relative truth. According to conscientiology, it is a new thosene (neothosene), a new reality (fact) or parareality (parafact) that definitely exists for a conscin, obtained through conscientiology research and filtered using the principle of disbelief.



Speciality of conscientiology applied to the study and experience of verpons, or leading-edge relative truths, which are the newest research findings on reality and parareality.The still unpublished verpons are subject to further investigation and updates according to the principle of disbelief.

Vibrational state (VS)

Estado vibracional (EV)

The technical condition of the dynamization of the energosoma’s energies through the impulse of the will.

Virus of intraphysical society

Vírus da sociedade intrafísica

See virus of socin.

Virus of socin

Vírus da Socin

Virus of intraphysical society. Any social weaktrait in a human consciousness’ intraphysical life.



Consciential energy, drawn by the consciousness from immanent energy, presented as a hypothesis of rationally explaining the reality and performance of a conscin´s CEs as being the fuel, engine, or fundamental agent of the will acting on the force, ebb and flow of the Cosmos.

Volitive intrusion

Intrusão volitiva

Invasion of a consciousness’ will over another through heterosuggestion, heterohypnosis, or external induction. Variant: volitional intrusion.

Voltaic arc

Arco Voltaico

Technique of transmission and intense assimilation of consciential energy (CE), using the assistant’s left hand (palmochakra) on the nuchal area (nape) of the assisted person, and the right palm (palmochakra) next to the frontochakra (forehead), without touching the soma, seeking to eliminate blockages of gravitating energy through symas and symdeas. It is a vigorous energetic manifestation (high voltage of CEs) of the assistant’s 2 palmochakras, 2 encephalic chakras, and 2 brain hemispheres; and the assisted’s 2 encephalic chakras, and 2 brain hemispheres. Variant: craniumchakral voltaic arc.


Waking discoincidence

Descoincidência vígil

The parapsychic condition of the conscin - projector - in which they become aware of the psychosoma being out of the state of coincidence, during the full physical waking state, hence not feeling completely integrated in the body and generating an intensification of paraperceptions and energetic and parapsychic phenomena.

Warmongering consciousness

Consciência belicista

See consbel.

Weaktrait (weak + trait)

Trafar (tra + far)

Weak point or trait of a conscin’s personality; a negative component of the structure of one's consciential universe that the individual has not yet been able to overcome.




From Greek, xenos, strange; phrem, mind. State of a human consciousness outside of the waking state’s normal pattern, induced by physical, physiological, psychological, pharmacological, or psychic agents. Variant: altered state of consciousness.

Xenothosene (xeno + tho + sen + e)

Xenopensene (xeno + pen + sen + e)

The intrusive thosene of an intruder in the occurrences of thosenic intrusion; mental wedge; the unit of measurement of interconsciential intrusion, according to thosenology and conscientiometrology.


Zoothosene (zoo + tho + sen + e)

Zoopensene (zoo + pen + sen + e)

The thosene of an unaware sub-human animal; the unit of measurement of the consciential principle of a subhuman animal, according to thosenology and conscientiometrology.