Intermission – The extraphysical period of the consciousness between two of its physical lives; intermissive period.

Intermissive course – The set of disciplines and theoretical and practical experiences administered to an extraphysical consciousness during the period of consciential intermission. This course occurs when one has achieved a certain evolutionary level within one’s cycle of personal existences. The intermissive course objectifies consciential completism (existential completism) of the upcoming intraphysical life.

The intermissivist is the person, the consciousness, that before rebirthing attended a preparatory course for this life. Those consciousnesses have chosen to improve their evolutionary talents as a result of their own existential program and that of the evolutionary group, aiming to assist the evolution of the whole planet.

The intermissivists have some common strong traits, refer to the below excerpt from the book 700 Conscientiology Experiments book by Waldo Vieira and do your own self-research and self-assessment. We invite you to download the ebooks to help you further your self-investigation; and last but not least, remember to not believe anything, not even what you are reading on this website, have your own experiences.

Intermissivist self-assessment from 700 Conscientiology Experiments

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